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Jennifer Hudson was featured on VH1's Behind the Music. The Academy and Grammy award winning actress/singer finally broke her silence about the unimaginable tragedy she and her family suffered when her mother, older brother and young nephew were violently murdered at the alleged hands of Jennifer's older sister's (ex?) husband.

Hudson took viewer's inside her life as she discuss her rise to stardom as a contestant on American Idol;  winning an Academy award in her first movie for her portrayal of the ficitional character Effie White in Dreamgirls; taking home  the Grammy for Best New Artist for her debut album; meeting her fiance, Harvard trained lawyer turned wrestler/reality star David Otunga and giving birth to the couple's first child, David Otunga Jr.

Jennifer is such a strong, beautiful and inspiring woman! As I watched her VH1's Behind the Music, I cried because I'm a softie not only because she and her family suffered so much pain with the lost of 3 family members in such a short span of time, but I also cried because of her display of unyielding faith. 

During the interview, Jennifer said something along the lines, that if not for her faith in God and sticking to a regiment of praying every morning and every night, she probably would not have made it through those rough times.
At the risk of sounding preachy, if there are still people out there who don't believe in the power of God then...

In related news, Jennifer is currently in South Africa filming a movie based on Winnie Mandela. Hudson portrays Winnie. Terrence Howard is also starring in the movie.

Hudson is also the new spokesperson for Watch Watchers and has reportedly dropped down to a size 6 after giving birth to her son last go girl (that statement was jhi corny, but you get my drift)!

I love her, don't you!

Check out Jennifer's entire Behind the Music interview after the break!

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  1. i LOVE her! Thanks for posting the videos - i need to watch this and haven't had a chance to yet. You are so right, her faith is pretty inspiring!

  2. ditto. she's AMAZING and her story is a testament! i look forward to following her career and i'm excited to see what's next for her.