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Actress Gabrielle Union (some call her an actress others say say tomatoe, I say tamatoe)  pictured with boyfriend NBA star Dwyane Wade

Former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning co-hosted the 14th annual Summer Groove event with current Heat star, Dwyane Wade in Miami this past week (July14-18). 

Wade and Alonzo Mourning (no exception Dwyane, Tracy said don't bring your broad around her, period!)

Mourning created the "Alonzo Mourning Charities, Inc." in 1997 to aid lower-income children and families in South Florida by providing services and programs to enhance their lives. This year's event featured a comedy showcase, youth sports, an all-star basketball game, a concert, benefit dinner and more.

The Summer Groove event has raised more than $7 million since it was created 14th years ago. The funds go toward the support of Mourning's charities and also Wade's "Wade World" foundation this year.

Check out tons of pictures of Gabby, Dwyane, Alonzo and the kiddies after the break!

Now that Siohvaughn's hemmed up by the courts, the coast is clear...whew!

Is no man or mascot safe around this trollop, SHEESH! I kid, not really.

I personally dislike the color red, but Gabby looks stunning and is wearing the hell out that dress!

Awe look at the kiddies, cuteness! Sidebar: I use to have the BIGGEST crush on Zo in elementary school when he played for the Georgetown Hoyas and was hanging with Rayful and dem...he looks HELLA musty here, but he's STILL fine!

To the chick channeling a hoochie Mad Max extra: "You just wanna be seen...knock yourself OUT."

Photos "roughed" from: Jose Lambiet  and Jade.

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