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Waka Flocka Flame’s O Let’s Do It remix video featuring Diddy, Officer Ross and Gucci Mane is here!

I'm no longer ashamed to admit that I love this song (the original and remix version) and everyone killed their verse, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

I know I give your boy Diddy a hard time on here sometimes, but he KILT (yes kilt) his verse!

Diddy: Bitch I am a problem, I just bought the Delano
Pimpin in my convo, bitches come in combo’s
Pictures of Christopher on my wall all in my condo

I dont [ph]uck with fake hoes, all I touch is J-Lo’s,
All I drink is my shit, Ciroc by the case load
Rick Ross: Bitch I’m on my high horse
Jewels I rock I die for
Cause that shit that I bought
Shoot your ass that’s my fault

Bitch I’m on this asphalt
Waka Flocka: Locked my CEO up
Now it’s back to coka
N***as talkin shit bruh, hang him by a ropa
Hit em with the choppa
Call that shit hot lama
Call me Waka Flocka aka young wild n***a
Gucci: Haters sending threats like they want beef but they know they don’t
Meet Flocka at the dealership I told him get what the [ph]uck you want
They locked my homeboy Vona up, 1999 for murder
Now n***as claiming zone 6, that I aint never heard of
Hit you with the garbage, why would I when I got shooters
You heard Gucci was locked up, but that was just a rumor
Check out the video plus videos by Nicki Minaji, Kelis, Janet Jackson, and Ludacris after the break!

O Let's Do It remix

Nicki Minaj’s Massive Attack featuring producer Sean Garrett.

I expected so much more from this Hype Williams' video. I wasn’t feeling it, and those double jointed dudes were scary and unnecessary!

Oh, and I’m starting to think that Amber Rose is like Cleo’s girlfriend in Set It Off…is the girl mute?

I’ve seen her a gazillion times, but I can only recall hearing her speak once. I get it, she’s on her *side eye* mysterious “whose that lady” shit!

Kelis' Acapella

I LOVE Kelis’ video for so many reasons! One reason being the cutie-pootie midget strapped to her back at the end of the video. My sister said, he’s so adorable and he has Kelis’ head, lol!

It was so fitting that she had little Knight in the video since the song is mos def about him *tears*! Before you my whole life was acapella, now a symphony is the only song to sing…

In related news, according to Honey Magazine, it might be too late for our boy Nas to win Kelis back, as the mag is reporting that Kelis is currently dating Chicago Bears footbayer Wale Ogunleye and things are getting hot, heavy and steady!

Janet Jackson released a video for the song Nothing off of the Why Did I Get Married II soundtrack. The song was produced by her former boyfriend, producer Jermaine Dupri.

Finally check out the remix to My Chick Bad featuring Diamond, Trina and Eve with cameos by my life-long crush Larenz Tate (you had me at “what you say about my momma?”), Officer Ross and Nicki Minaji.

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