Friday, April 9, 2010


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Photo Source: Young Black & Fabulous

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Real Housewives of Atlanta franhise will be getting two new cast mates, entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks and model/restaurateur Cynthia Bailey, this upcoming season.

Some may remember that Parks was featured a couple of times on BET's Tiny & Toya show. Parks served as Toya's attorney and successfully assisted Toya in securing a publishing deal for her memoirs.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the cast shift once the two new ladies join the cast.

L-R: Bethenny and Jill

And speaking of the Real Housewives franchise, what do you Chicks and Dicks think about the feud between Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy (I's married now!) on the Real Housewives of New York (RHONY)?

Initially, I was siding with Jill based purely on the information I got from watching the RHONY episodes.

Be clear, I’m far from team Bethenny, but as you guys will learn, I’m a sucker for tears, so now I really feel sorry for her.

Jill is starting to bother me because she acting really immature. The whole putting Bethenny on the speaker phone and letting her house guests listen to their phone conversation really rubbed me the wrong way.

Not to mention that high school “mean girl” text you left resident looney tune Kelly Bensimon was sooo petty!

Jill you know better and you’re too “seasoned” to be acting this childish.

Countess LuAnn and the Count

And LuAnn, for the record, you SUCK both figuratively and literally (you didn’t even try and deny you was stepping out on the Earl Count! Stop being an instigator and “get a hobby” and a new wig piece while you at it...STAT!

Swizz Beats rapped it best, she’s phony, she’s fake, those the type of people I hate!


  1. Hey! I totally have been upset with the feud on RHONY. At first, I too sided with Jill...but after last night's episode...I feel for Bethany....and Jill needs to forgive and move on.

    And need to take a seat in the back. I think she's just trying to get camera time..and she is wack...

  2. Well I am torn too! I was initially siding with Jill, but I am started feeling for Bethenny...I do think she is sorry and probably so caught up in her world that she didnt realize that Bobby was sicker than he was....but a "real" friend would have had the sense enough to check on it, ya know...I think that Jill is recognizig that she needs to probably let it go and move on although I dont think the relationship will EVER be the same..when it gets so damaged like that, it can be hard to bounce back....although I am hoping it well : )

    I like Luann...I like all of just me.....but Luann is just trying to find her way I think she has been under this bullshit ass Countess microscope and its like totally warped her outlook in a lot ways, but she is entertaining....