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Ok, so I watched the Real Housewives of New York (RHNY) last week and I have my thoughts on last week’s episode. Like to hear it…well here it goes!

So, I totally understood how Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy (“I’s married now) felt at the event that all of the RHNY attended, when by the end of the night she was over (for now at least) the whole trying to salvage her friendship with Jill Zarin phase.

Bethenny was noticeably curt with Jill (with Bobby in tow of course), when she finally mustered up the courage to congratulate Bethenny on her engagement nuptials.

My guess is that the last couple of interactions Bethenny has had with Jill probably flashed before her eyes (e.g. (1) Bethenny in tears on the phone with Jill trying to understand what happened in their friendship only for Jill to make a mockery of her emotions by placing her on speaker phone so that LuAnn and Jill’s other house guests could hear/comment; (2) Bethenny in tears at Ramona’s apartment pleading with Jill to talk her; and (3) Jill fleeing like a bat out of hell anytime Bethenny enters the same room as her) or at least played in her mental rolodex, and she was probably thinking, you know what, this shit is for the birds, I’m done!

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I can’t say I blame Bethenny for being curt with Jill the other night. Bethenny was probably thinking, really Jill? After all that we have been through, this is how you react when my dreams (that we have discussed on countless occasions, I’m guessing) are finally coming true? You now need Bobby to accompany you, to congratulate me? Seriously?

In defense of Jill, I have to say from what I observed, I don’t think Jill was being necessarily “materialistic (Bethenny’s words not mine)” in repeatedly commenting on how big Bethenny’s engagement ring was, when Jill finally congratulated Bethenny. I think Jill’s repeated mention of the size of the ring was out of sheer nervousness.

It appeared that Jill probably felt like, gosh I don’t even know what’s going on in my former best friend’s life anymore and I’m pretty embarrassed at the way I have been behaving as of late, so I’ll just ramble on about one topic I’m comfortable discussing (the size of the ring), because I’m nervous, embarrassed and uncomfortable right now.

I think at this present time, Bethenny is adjusting to her new life with her new husband and her impending motherhood, after being single for so many years, so it will likely be a while, but Jill and Bethenny will definitely be good friends again!

I’m not aware of Jill and Bethenny ever constantly having issues in their friendship, and this might be their first big argument, so yeah they’ll be friends again (crossing fingers)!

Now if Jill and Bethenny had a history of constant breaks in their friendship or I truly felt like Jill did not wish Bethenny well (I really do think Jill wants nothing but the best for Bethenny. Sure, Jill always wants to be cc’d on every little detail in Bethenny’s life, but that’s Jill! I don’t get it, but I’ve come to recognize it.), then I would say their friendship is over.

Because at the end of the day as Vanessa Simmons once eloquently remarked, a person wants to be where they're celebrated NOT just tolerated, and I truly believe Jill loves and celebrates Bethenny!

Sidebar: In references to LuAnn’s congratulatory comment to Bethenny on her engagement, while in the same breathe saying something along the lines of, “even though you called me a snake,” please GET GONE BOO!

Etiquette tip 101: Countess, when you're giving a sincere congratulatory remark, it is in poor taste to bring up a previous disagreement you had with the person you are congratulating…just thought I share that!

Also, I take it this new blonde chick, (her name escapes me at the present moment and I don’t feel like letting Google be my friend (© Fresh) at this time) that keeps being featured on this season of RHNY, will be announced as the new RHNY at some time?

If not, why is she constantly in front of my eyes when I tune into RHNY? Don’t worry Bravo, I’ll wait for the answer…

And how beautiful are Ali and Avery growing up to be…just precious!

Not sure how many of you Chicks and Dicks watched Bravo TV’sWatch What Happens Live,” with Andy Cohen last Thursday (April 22) when Bethenny was the guest, but she reminded me why she is truly one of my favorite Housewives.

So at some point Andy asked Bethenny a question regarding Jill making a comments on the RHNY more than a few times about distancing herself from "toxic" people. Bethenny quipped something along the lines of, "toxic/toxicity" being the new over used phrase for this season of RHNY.

Bethenny joked last seasons over used phrase was "inauthentic" and this season it’s "toxic/toxicity!" I literally fell out of my chair from laughter!

That's what I love most about Bethenny, she's always so quick and spot on with her commentary! She’s a funny chick indeed!

Tune in this Thursday at 10/9c for an all new episode of RHNY on Bravo TV (channel 60 if you have Comcast and reside in the District of Columbia)!


  1. I sooooo appreciate and agree with every single comment you made its RIDIC!!

    I love Bethenny and I too have my fingers crossing when it comes to Bethenny and Jill at least being GGF (good girlfriends) again. Bethenny was sooo funny on Andy Cohen's show...I always watch the aftershow because its always entertaining and when Bethenny is on you know you will get all the "T" raw and straight up honey with no chaser*wink*

    RHNJ Monday.....can't wait.....r u going to discuss Tiny and Toya or The Hills...please tell me you watch The Hills....what did Heidi do to her face....she was one of my fav' do you do something like that yourself, regardless of low self-esteem....R U MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anyone that is STILL hoping for a Bethenny/Jill friendship renewal is dilusional.
    I dont think for one minute that Jill is happy for Bethenny. Jill is jealous!

    Jill not only wrote her own glowing review for her own book but wrote a HORRIBLE review on Bethenny's book. That is just mean!

    Bethenny is too smart to ever allow that snake back into her life!

    I hope you'll take a look at my blog too! :)

    I Hate Jill Zarin Mid-Week Update 4-27-10,

  3. Yes, and that song that the Contess is trying to sing, go head and shoot yourself in the foot. You can tell me nothing, like Kanye said!

  4. @Natasha: *sad face* maybe I wrote too soon, if what LynnNChicago is saying is accurate!

    I hope they'll be friends again, although the ENTIRE cast with the exception of Kelly and LuAnn (if you can believe it) showed their ass on last nights (4/29) episode!

    Everyone was being UBER mean to each other (Alex take a PHUCKING seat, STAT! And just when I was starting to like her...ugh!)

    I can't take the "toxicity"...LOL!!!

    I do plan to do a joint write on Lindsay and Heidi in the coming days!

    @LynnNChicago: *sad face* Awe, I was really hoping Jill and Bethenny would salvage their friendship!

    I'm a positivity who knows, maybe not tomorrow or even 5 years from now...but maybe, just maybe, they'll rekindle their friendship one day!

    And I will MOST DEFINITELY check out your article and thank you for visiting The Chick Fix...and you come back again, ya here! :-)

    @Anonymous...I will only say, or shall I say sing this in response to your comment, "elegance is lovvvveeeee, my friend!" #whosekillingacat? #somebodypleaseshootme!