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Congratulations go out to actress Paula Patton and R&B crooner Robin Thicke, who welcomed a baby boy, Julian Fuego this past Tuesday (April 6).

This is the couple’s first child. The couple who met while attending Beverly Hills high school will be celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary this upcoming June.

In December, Thicke told he was looking forward to "[t]eaching [his son] how to respect a woman. Teaching him music. Getting to play him Biggie Smalls at some age ... That's the beauty of having a child." I love it! Source

Photo Source: YBF

In a recent interview Paula talks about how she went to great lengths to hide her relationship with Thicke from her friends in high school, to the point that she missed her high school prom for fear of backlash for dating interracially.

When I was in high school I found myself totally enamo[]red [with] this guy...but I didn’t want all my high school friends to know that I’d fallen for a white boy…I didn’t want to be judged by that. So I hid him, I did.

That’s the sad part. I missed [my prom] because I was afraid. I didn’t choose him because of his colo[]r. I chose him because of his heart and his soul and he makes me laugh. He's one of the most special human beings I know.

AWE!!! High school can be so tough because you’re trying to find yourself, but at the same time you want to fit in with the crowd.

You get a pass Paula for the foolishness…you were young and you didn’t know better!

But all be DAMN if I miss going to my prom with the love of my life because of some J.O.S.E.RS (jealous ones still envy aka haters)!

That’s thing about, they’re going to envy/hate regardless of what you do, so you might as well just do you boo!

Check out a picture of Christina Milian and the Dreams new bundle of joy plus news on the new little man in Lisa Leslie's life after the break!

Actress/singer Christina Milian is on the cover of the latest edition of US Weekly showing off her brand new daughter, Violet Madison (I love that name!).

Milian is married to music producer Terius The Hamburgler “The Dream” Nash. This is the couple’s first child.

Milian had a c-section after 19 hours of labor and she says she lost 27 of the 45 pounds she gained. "I've been eating salads and fruit like crazy." Christina says she plans to breastfeed for a year (good luck with that, I hear breastfeeding (let alone for a year) is not a game!) "I’m surprised how hungry she is. Like, how do I keep.up? Source

Tiffany Rose/Wireimage

Former WNBA star Lisa Leslie and her husband Michael Lockwood welcomed their second child, this past Tuesday (April 6) as well.

Michael Joseph Lockwood II aka MJ (awe the late legend Michael Jackson middle name is Joseph too...what a coincidence!) was not set to be delivered until May. He weighed in at 7 lbs.

The couple already have a daughter, Lauren Jolie, 2½, as well as Mikaela, 15, and Gabrielle, 18, Lockwood’s daughters from his previous marriage. Source

Wow! Little --he won’t be for long…have you seen the height of both his parents, MJ was already 7 lbs.

He wasn’t playing; he was ready to make his presence felt in this world!

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