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Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley have a brand new video, As We Enter off of their highly anticipated collaboration album, Distant Relatives. The album will reportedly be out sometime this summer.

Check out new videos by Nas and Damian; B.O. B. featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre and Keys’ official diss video where she goes at Nicki Minaj after the break!

Nas and Damian’s As We Enter

Love their new video! The beat and energy of video is amazing and Nas and Damian are both cutie-pies, so yeah…

Sidebar: The other day me and my older brother were discussing music (as always), and I mentioned to him how I once heard someone quip regarding Nas’ supposedly poor beat selection abilities, “Nas picks his women, like he picks his beats!

I have to admit that I thought the comment was pretty funny and I’m guilty of letting out a hearty chuckle, but *Stephanie Tanner voice*how rude!

The Game’s Shake (Not Safe for Work!)

Not much needs to be said about Game’s new music video titled Shake because it’s a decent song and video, but I’ll indulge you guys!

Producers Cool & Dre did their thang thang on the production and Game is always on point with his lyrics (although we are constantly sidetracked by just how talented he is because he stays beefing with hip-hop dudes, video vixens, R&B divas…phuck, you name it, and The Game has probably had beef with them).

The video features cameos by Stacy Dash, Pusha T of The Clipse, lil midgety Bow Wow, Cool & Dre, Ron Artest and some dude that looks like Flava Flav’s next of kin (good god!).

Game’s new album, The R.E.D. Album hits stores on June 15!

B.O.B.’s I Bet feat. T.I. and Playboy Tre

I’m really loving B.O.B.’s versality!

First he hits us with the Nothin’ On You single featuring Bruno Mars, which by the way is the No. 1 single in the country according to Billboard. And now he switches it up with I Bet. Good job B.OB.!

By the way, I know B.O.B. probably gets this all the time, but he voice is really similiar to Andre “3 Stacks” Benjamin of Outkast fame. And is it just me, or does B.O.B. resemble a taller version of comedienne and Grand Hustle colleague Lil Duval?

Keys' Official Nicki Minaj Diss Video

Baltimore rapper, Keys is back with a new and “official” video for her previous diss record against “rapper (throwing heavy shade all day emphasis placed on the quotations marks around the word rapper…I guess if that’s what the young kids are calling it these days! )” Nicki Minaj.

I see Keys took my advice, because her newest video is a big improvement from her previous efforts, good job Keys!

By the way Keys, if you’re reading this, please call your internet “goon-squad” off my blog’s comment section.

I’ve been getting “goon-composed” comments in the comment section of an earlier post I wrote on you, on a weekly basis.

It is duly noted, that “they (one “goon” with an itchy keyboard finger)” were none too pleased with my comments, but as Tupac rapped, life goes on.

I welcome any comments on the blog (god knows I need them…see, I’m not above throwing shade at myself), but when you are being just plain ole disrespectful…wait, who am I kidding, I actually like disrespectful comments, just don’t get too out of hand with them, capice!

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