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I’m so happy that Aaron McGruder's The Boodondocks is premiering it’s 3rd, but *sad face* final season this Sunday (May 2), at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim (aka the Cartoon Netwok at night), that I can hardly sit still in anticipation!

Check out this funny but short promotional music video for the 3rd season of The Boondocks, aptly titled Dick Riding Obama and more after the break!

Dick Riding Obama

As a bonus treat, check out this short clip of The Boondocks’ Homies Over Hoes (phucking hysterical!) music video.

As a little background to the video, Gangstalicious' character is a famous, blatantly obvious homosexual down low rapper that the easily influenced Riley (the little boy with the braids) at one time idolized (he’s “ignant” like “dat”), until he realized ‘Licious was soft.

Riley is reluctant to admit Gangstalicious is a homosexual, even after 'Licious has all but come out in an previous episode where he acted like a straight biotch when confronted by a scorned male lover and his “homo-thug” crew.

By the way, one of my favorite entertainers (he raps, sings, acts…is there anything he can’t do?), Mos Def is the voice of Gangstalicious, ha!

Below are some hilarious lyrics to the Homies Over Hoes video as well as the actual video. Enjoy!
“You’ll neva catch Lic, rollin with no bitch!”

“N**** we hatin on dem hoes, like we hate the Feds”

“Bitch can’t you see, fall back away from me, me and my n****s bump chest, up in da VIP!”

“You’re n****s ain’t eatin’, she spendin’ all yo cash, your homie got shot up, while you was in dat ass!”

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