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Nas has been ordered by a L.A. County Superior Court to pay his soon to be ex-wife, singer Kelis $591,056.03 immediately.

This amount includes the back child and spousal support Nas owes Kelis as well as Kelis’ attorney and accounting fees.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Nas had to immediately fork over $47,249.42 in back child support and $40,454 in back spousal support.
The judge also ordered Nas to pay $10,000/month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis.
Nas also has to pay 90% of Kelis' legal fees in the amount of $155,787.28.

Lastly, Nas has to pay $48,549.83 to cover Kelis' accounting expenses. TMZ
HOT DAMN that’s a lot of PHUCKING money!!!

As you Chicks and Dicks know, we love us some Nas around these parts, but Kelis is our homie too.

The internet in the illustrious words of Kat Stacks“has been going nuts” over the amount the judge awarded Kelis.

A lot of people feel that Kelis should not have been awarded such a large amount of money because either:

1) Nas can't afford to pay that amount monthly; or

2) because seemingly wealthier celebrities like P. Diddy and Russell are paying a fraction of that amount to their baby mothers/ex-wife.

Tracy Nguyen
, Kelis’ former publicist and current manager and business partner vented on Twitter about how mis-informed the “haters” are regarding the specifics of Nas and Kelis’ divorce.

You have Dear uninformed haters, thank u 4 making #Kelis a trending topic. Her video's iTunes video pick of the week. Get your free download.

Ok what a lot of people don’t realize is that a judge cannot legally order Nas to pay an amount that he cannot reasonable afford.

When a judge orders one spouse to pay the other less financially stable spouse alimony and/or child support, the judge takes into consideration various factors in coming up with the appropriate figure such as: both spouses’ income; length of marriage; existence or lack thereof pre-nuptial agreement; children and much more.

It should be also noted that the couple own homes in California (community property state), New York, Georgia (Atlanta) and the Dominican Republic.

Although the couple was not married in California, as a rule of thumb, the Plaintiff spouse (the person who files for the divorce) in a divorce petition (in this instance Kelis) can file for a divorce in any state where the couple own marital property and can "attach" the property  in order for the court presiding over the matter to gain personal jurisdicition (I know that's a lot of legal jargon, but walk wit a playa!) over the defendant spouse (Nas).

I have to hand it to Kelis, she was tactful in filing her divorce in California, which is a community property state (recognizes that property acquired during the marriage is owned jointly by the spouses).

BAISCALLY...Ke-Ke get's half of any property (with the exception of gifts or inheritances) acquired during the marriage, regardless of which spouse's funds were used to actually purchase the property.

The idea is, the judge must ensure that when the couple divorces the less financially stable spouse’s lifestyle will not be drastically altered due to the divorce.

In essence, the dependant spouse should remain in a similarly situated (financial) position that he/she was in prior to the divorce.

The court wants to ensure that the dependant spouse (Kelis) will not become a public charge (e.g. the government has to spend public funds to support a dependant spouse who as a result of the divorce is financially needy).

This philosophy is exercised even more so when there is a child involved (cue baby Knight) and no pre-nuptial agreement exist (assuming Nas and Kelis did not have one).

So while Nas’ child and spousal support amount may seem steep to us, TRUST and BELIEVE that Nas has the funds to pay it or else a judge could not lawfully have ordered Nas to pay that amount.

Also, the reason why Nas may be paying more child and spousal support than Russell Simmons and/or P. Diddy may be because:

1) Russell and Kimora may have had a pre-nuptial agreement and

2) Yall forget that Diddy has never married any of his baby mothers (i.e. they’re not afforded wife status no matter how many babies and years they've been together *loud cough* Kim Porter). So, the most that Diddy may be obligated to pay is child support.

Lastly, a lot of people think that Nas doesn’t have money like that because he doesn’t constantly rap about the business moves he’s making or the money he’s holding.

As someone that has followed Nas’ career very closely, let’s just say…dude got money to blow!

Do a little research and you’ll see how JIGGY Nas’ is with the pen; how big his BELLY can get or even how he ROCKS THE BELLS every summer…now marinate on that!

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