Thursday, March 4, 2010


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Yesterday Congressman Charles Rangel announced that he will temporarily step down as the chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee.

Rangel has been a member of the House of Representatives for 30 years and he is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. In 2007, Rangel became the first African-American chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

The powerful Committee controls taxation, tariffs and all other revenue raising measures. The Committee also governs social security; unemployment and welfare benefits; medicare; enforcement of child support laws; foster care and adoption programs. You name it, they got a say in it!

Rep. Rangel based his decision to temporarily step down as chairman on the notion that controversy surrounding his ethics investigation could potentially harm Democratic candidates during the upcoming election.

According to the Associated Press,
Republicans had been calling for Rangel to step aside since last year, when the House ethics panel expanded its investigation into his trips, assets and income, use of rent-controlled apartments in New York and his solicitation of contributions for university center to be named after him. After the panel released its findings last Friday on the Caribbean trips, Rangel started losing support among rank-and-file Democrats as well.
I'll be interested to see how the investigation unfolds.

On a side note, I remember when Rangel was a guest speaker at my school and embarrassed the shit out of this Cuban-American student when she asked him a question about his affiliation with Fidel Castro.

I have to admit that her question was soooo unrelated and the chick was a little extra but dag….he straight played her like a deck of cards in front of us students, the faulty and even her young son, who was in attendance…you can take the man out of Harlem World, but you can’t take Harlem out of the man!

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