Wednesday, March 3, 2010


No sir!

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne

R&B singer Nivea shot a video for her new single "Love Hurts." The video was directed by Point Blank and features her on-again, off-again boyfriend/father of her infant son, rapper Lil Wayne as her love interest.

I guess this video is among the 10 videos Weezy reportedly shot before getting ready to go to prison--whenever that happens.

Check out the video and flicks from the set of the video after the break!

Why Nivea...just why? I mean don’t get me wrong you’ve always been a bamma with the dayglow hair pieces, but you was on your entertainer shit, so I endured got it.

You had a pretty respectable career before all of this Lil Wayne baby mamma foolishness...and now you just killing us softly with this mess you call a video.

Whoever styled you for this video (with special emphasis on that glittery diamond encrust gold lamé fit), does not like you nor wants you to succeed in life!

And no you and Weezy won’t simulate sex with your thicky-thick thighs clamped around his frail body while bumping and grinding on top of the kitchen counter top..."that’s why you got the baby now (shoutout to Doughboy)!"

Not a fan of the material of the coat, but she looks really nice here!

To view more flicks from the set of the video click on Kiddunot.


  1. Pimpin... I Neva heard of this clown bitch b4 so i dont know nothing about her career but this wack ass video trying to stunt on lil weezy other baby moms.(cause thats what u doin). u shlda stayed married to dream and had something stable. c thats whats wrong with woman, we always want something diff. Lil wezzy disrespecting all yall hoes and just having babies by anybody. what yall need to do is get together and go get some damn test done NASTY. Again i keep saying that lauren london hurt my feeling, i thought u were smarter than the rest but i c u got caught up too. all weezy care about for real is himself and mayb his children and he (hold on let me hit the capS button) HE DONT CARE ABOUT NONE OF YALL BITCHES, he just sticking and dipping. o and i bet u let him hit after the video. DAMN SHAME

  2. RR: Producthoe you don't remember she sang the hook (and was featured in the video)for Mystical's "Danger"? Her biggest solo hit was "If You Mess With My Man" feat. Jagged Edge.And then she also had "Laundrymat" feat. R.Kelly and "Okay" feat Lil Jon & Youngbloodz.
    I don't think she sold a large amount of records but she had some hits...that is still no excuse for the foolishness she calls a video...I couldn't even concentrate on her vocals or the content of the song because the video was so distracting--not in a good way!