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Rap newcomer Juaquin “Waka Flocka Flame” Malphurs, was released from a Houston County jail last Thursday (March 18) after being arrested last Tuesday (March 16) for violating his probation.

The So Icey Entertainment (label founded by rapper Gucci Mane) artist was previously charged in Houston County in 2006 for possession of a sawed-off shotgun and marijuana. In October 2008, Waka spent a week in a Houston County jail for violating his probation.

*Juaquin you have a phone call from an inmate at the Fulton County jail*

Gucci (who is coincidentally also serving a sentence in jail for violating his probation): pimp you got’s to stay on the straight in narrow, you phucking up my money Mane!

Waka *loud outburst* I learned by watching you alright…I learned it by watching you!

On another note, I was listening to the radio last week (which is rare) and I was very impressed with Waka's response to Big Tigger question regarding when Waka would be releasing an album. He basically said that he’s a new artist and he doesn’t feel like he has earned the right for people to purchase his CD (a man that knows his limitations, lol!).

He added he plans to put out an astronomical amount of free mixtapes in the following months*sighs* I knew it was too good to be true, but I can’t front O Let’s Do It gets me hyped (I’m such a bamma!).

Check out the remix to O Let’s Do It (unofficial video) featuring Diddy, Officer Ross, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Waka, Gucci Mane, Trae (who?), Twista, and *side eye* Rasheed plus news on DMX, Lil Wayne Jason Wahler and Jayson Williams.

Photo Source: Reuters/Maricopa Sheriff’s Office/Handout

As we previously reported, hiphop star DMX was arrested on March 10 for violating his probation when he admitted to officers that he had been regularly using drugs since being released from prison 9 months ago.

An Arizona judged has now ordered the musician to 6 months in jail and to undergo a mental health evaluation. DMX could be released from jail early if he enters a drug treatment program.

Seriously, Lord please give Earl a sign!

VH1’s resident doctor, Dr. Drew reportedly wrote a letter to the Judge on DMX’s behalf regarding him possibly being treated at Drew’s facility…as long as it’s not Celebrity Rehab (are any “celebrities” ever successfully treated on that show…exploitation much?)

While we’re on the subject of rappers getting locked up in Arizona, according to the Yuma Sun, a bench warrant has been issued for hiphop star Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter arrest for failure to appear in court for a final trial management conference.

I usually don't defend Lil Wayne, but TAKE A SEAT Yuma County Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves, STAT! You're being thirsty for publicity!

I’m pretty certain Wayne’s attorney filed some kind of motion alerting the Court to Wayne's unavailability. The rapper is currently serving a year sentence in New York City.

Former Laguna Beach/The Hill star Jason Wahler was arrested for the GAZILLIONTH time last Thursday (March 18) in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. The former reality star was thrown in jail after getting into a fight.

According to TMZ, Wahler was released just seven hours after being lokced up. Wahler’s father claims Jason wasn’t drinking…YEAH OK! Then how do you explain the video below? Oh, he’s right “dem thangs (aka illicit drugs)” is not a form of alcohol.

In other "clown stop it" news, former NBA star Jayson Williams, who is currently serving a 5 year sentence for the 2002 shooting of his limo driver is a BAMMA! New Jersey Department of Corrections records reveal that one of Williams’ alias…wait for…"Big Daddy." I CAN’T and I WON’T!!!

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  1. are hilarious...." you phucking up my money mane"....I'm dying....I love this site

  2. I'm glad Wacka is delaying releasing an album...that's probably the right thing to do.