Friday, February 5, 2010


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne

American Idol season 3 winner, Fantasia Barrino appeared on Oprah yesterday to discuss her fast rise to fame and how her poor financial management almost cost her home. Check out the video below.

I'm with Oprah! I still can't understand for the life of me how 4 (Zion is excluded because of her age, but more on that later) able body individuals are solely financially dependent on 1 person, Fannie Mae (Fantasia). 

I took the liberty of helping my girl Fannie Mae out by suggesting some possible job options her employed-challenged mooching ass relatives may want to consider. 

Everyone gets on Teeny's case for being this yuckmouth mooch (and rightfully so), but people overlook an even more suspect family member, Tasia's mother Diane (Tasia wins Idol = Barrino family quitting day).

Mama Diane, your VH1 bio says you're an ordained minister and a bible teacher, so what we all would like to know (especially Tasia) is where dem dollars at (and don't tell me you ain't receiving any payment and doing it for the Lord, cause even the Lord get his tides)? You either need to get your churchin' money game up or look into a new gig.

May I suggest a career as a probation officer. If you were able to support (I'm using the term loosely since yall living off of Tasia's dividends right now) and raise four children and none of them are in jail, cracked out or slangin dem thangs, I say you've done a decent job and can easily handle those knuckleheaded inmates. I also hear the pay is pretty decent.

Xavier is Fannie's youngest brother. He looks to be high school age, so you know what that means got to get a J.O.B.!

May I suggest getting a job bagging groceries at your local supermarket; working at the mall; selling little huggies, hot sausages, pickles and/or penny candy at school...the bottom line is you're going to have to start pulling your own weight little bugger or find some where else to rest your head at night!


Ricco is Fannie's brother that sings background for her when she's on tour. The operative word is "when she's on tour!" So that tells me that you’re unemployed when she ain't touring and when she is touring you ain't using the money you do earn to assist with the bills...No Ma'am!

You going to need to get some type of steady employment real soon and pull your weight or you're going to find yourself by yourself in a...SHELTER (on second thought Teeny, Mama Diane, Xavier might be up in that piece with you too).

You look like a little pretty boy type with a decent physique. So, may I suggest you get a job as a male stripper or escort. I hear the pay is beyond decent and as long as there are female thickums (and some male ones too...act like yall know!) who feel unappreciated and bachelorette parties in this great country of ours, you will always be employed…now get to shakin' sumthin'!

 Teeny or should I say lil yuck mouth, where do I start... I can't even go there cause this post is already longer than I intended.

The crust of it is this: you’re grown and unemployed; living up in Fannie's house tearing the place to shreds all while freeloading, you’re extra sweet ungrateful; and you have delusions of grandeur about your non-existent singing/producing career...ain't nobody including your Mama (unless she get the money from Tasia) going to buy dat!

Phuck the pulling your own weight or you have to leave Fannie's house speech...lil ugg mugg, your ass gotta go cause you've gotten "too big for your britches (r.i.p Grandma)!"

Awe look at little cutie Zion...sorry but cute don't pay the bills. My motto is, if you old enough to eat (without any assistance), you old enough to get a job!

I'm going to be a little lenient with little Zi-Zi and give her until her 13th birthday to get a job. Shit, Puffy said he was making roughly $600 by the age of 13 with his paper routes, so Zion you better act like you know and get your paper route game up by that time or things could get real hectic!


  1. Her brothers blow me! Rotfl with the Zizi comments...but they are all able bodies to get a J.O.B. Come on...folks....

  2. Fannie,Keisha got tired of Frankie and them, time for your people to recognize and stop leeching.