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Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond took to her twitter page to vent about her portrayal on Usher's E True Hollywood Story (THS) which aired last week.

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I would have to concur on several points! Call me bias, but after Flash and I meet Ms. Raymond and Usher last year, my perception of her changed.

Not only was she friendly and down to earth, but as I stated before, Tameka and Usher seemed to genuinely enjoy each others company.

During one segment of Usher's THS they discussed his marriage to Tameka (they even played the 911 call that Usher placed alleging Tameka had vandalized his car). The interviewer asked Usher's mom Jonetta her thoughts on Tameka and Jonetta said something along the lines of I do not want to discuss her. 

I think Jonetta showing her obvious disdain (as well as the all around negative slant/storyline on Tameka) for Tameka on national television was unnecessary.

With all due respect to you Jonetta, Tameka is the mother of your grandsons and therefore she should be depicted with a little bit more respect. As my mother always says, you don't wash your dirty linens in public!

It's one thing if you don't like her, but the whole world doesn't need to know it! I think all parties involved should put on the appearance of a united front for the kids/the public sake and claw each others eyes out if need be in the comfort of your own homes.

Remember Jonetta, before you know it your grandsons will be old enough to watch Usher's THS...how do you think they'll feel?

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