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Over at the She Is blog, we spotted an interview they conducted with former City High member Claudette Ortiz. Ortiz wanted to “stop the tracks and state facts” regarding the REAL reason why she broke up with her former group member Robby Pardlo (abusive boyfriend much?).

Ortiz also revealed that her relationship with Pardlo ended before the group released their first single which was before they had even finished their first album.

Ortiz added that she didn’t start dating her other former group member Ryan Toby (who she eventually married and divorced) until a year after she split with Pardlo.

On Robby’s Ike Turner ways
Claudette Ortiz: The summer I was turning 17 Wyclef had a 4th of July BBQ at his house... there were a bunch of music industry people... I don't recall what exactly brought it on, but he blacked out on me at the BBQ... he got in my face & started yelling "You ain't sh*t, you ain't ever gonna be sh*t"... & Robbie is a big guy he was so close I could feel the spit hitting me in my face. At my age I was so intimidated by that... belittling me in front of all those important people. There was another time I was confronting him about a girl & he threw a brush at me... I ducked & the brush went through his bedroom door... that's how much force he used... If I hadn't ducked I probably wouldn't even be a alive today. I gathered my things & started to walk home... I lived about 2 miles from Robbie's house... & that wasn't uncommon for me do... there were plenty of nights we'd argue or he'd pass out & I would walk home... He came out the house yelling & started beating up his car. Broke the head light, started pounding on the hood... his mother came out & called me back... I felt like since it was his mother asking me to come back in the house I should... when I got inside we all sat down to talk & she was telling me things like I shouldn't add fuel the fire... basically making me feel like it was my fault.
On the misconception that Claudette was a skeezoid and not only broke up Ryan and Robby’s friendship but the group as well.
CO: They weren't best friends like Robbie likes to try & make it seem... Robbie was my teenage boyfriend & it wasn't like I just hopped from one to the other... I married Ryan & was with him for 9.5 years. While we were in the group Robbie was still doing the same things... at one point Wyclef wanted to kick him out because he'd missed like 2 or 3 appearances... we were doing a radio interview once & Robbie was laying sprawled out on the floor... it was embarrassing...
CO: The misconception] [t]hat the group broke up because of me or my actions. After I had my first son & it was time to start recording the second album, I said to myself I couldn't do it... I couldn't be in this group with him anymore... that would mean spending time around him, my son would be around him... & I didn't want that. So I spoke with my manager & Ryan... it was a hard decision to make but I prayed about it. I left the group in June 2003... he knows my reasons... he wanted to stay in the group... maybe that's why he blames me. But if me leaving because I didn't want to deal with the nightmare anymore is a bad thing, then I'll take that. I'd been dealing with it since 1998 all the way through to 2003. I don't know many solid women that can deal with that for so long... I even initially took the blame... I remember doing the Wendy Williams show & accepting all responsibility for the breakup because I didn't want to talk about the truth... I don't think he expected me to say anything... but I'm not that little girl anymore. I'm not weak, I'm a grown woman. I have children, got married, divorced... you have to stand up for yourself & that's what I'm doing.
On the misconception that Robby started getting slizzard (drunk as a mickeyfickey) after the group disbanded
CO: He was like that before City High... I got with Ryan because Robbie was an alcoholic... & the way he treated me. If I had a man now that had problems with alcoholism but treated me good, I'd stick around & help him through it. Robbie says he was so in love with me, but I've heard him say the same things about his other girlfriends & he treated them the same way.
On the misconception that Ortiz has a baby by some lame name Malicious Jynx (clown stop it!)
CO: We [Ryan and Claudette] are very close friends. We had both of our sons before we got married... we had a good relationship for a long time. Around 2007 it started fading out, we were changing... we'd gotten together pretty young & so we separated. I started seeing someone else & had my daughter at that time & I don't know who Malicious Jynx is, that is not my daughter's father. My daughter's father is just a normal hard working business man. He's not even in the industry...

On whether Ryan is currently a homieloverfriend
CO: At some point after I had my daughter Ryan & I got back together... but we eventually decided to end our romantic relationship. I absolutely still love Ryan, we're very good friends. He's been praying for me, calling to make sure I'm o.k. with all of this... being a good friend like he's always been.
On her future plans
CO: I've been working in between my kids. I was on Interscope but they didn't like the material, after I had Bella they released me. I'd just been waiting for her to get a little bigger & stronger, she'll be 2 in April. So I'm back working... Anton Marchand (Foxy Brown’s other brother—not the one named Pretty Boy (whatever helps you sleep at night) that’s use to be (Suge’s voice) “all up in the videos”) is managing me & I'm in talks with an independent label... I'm about to go hard & I'm excited! I feel good, I'm happy, I'm single... I've been in a relationship most of my adult life... I'm not dating, I'm just enjoying delving into myself. Learning more about me & focusing on my kids. I have great people in my life... amazing friends & I just want them to know they are appreciated because I couldn't have made it without them.
So it seems that Robby was telling half truths on his episode of A&E’s Intervention. You got us thinking Claudette was some type of Boricua seductress that cheated on you with your best friend and broke up the group. When in all actuality you was some Duke-kit rocking drunk way before City High disbanded that was cheating and damn near beating on Claudette with your punk ass!

In addition, Robby made it appear as though he and Ryan were best buds at some point, when Ryan didn’t even ROCK WITH YOU LIKE DAT!

I for one would like to apologize to Claudette for my initial post. I clearly was misinformed about the matter. We hear at The Chick Fix wish you well in all you future endeavors.

To read Claudette’s full interview head over to She Is by clicking here.

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