Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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So according to the New York Post, Kanye West allegedly threw a temper tantrum aboard a flight departing LAX headed to New York City on Monday, when he and his assistant were seated in business class instead of first class.
Kanye West is a finicky flier. A source said the rapper threw a fit at LAX Monday night on his way back to New York from the Grammys after he and his assistant were seated in business class instead of first.

"He wanted to be bumped up," says our witness. West and his aide were eventually moved to the better seats. A rep for Kanye [ ] didn't get back to us.
Although we all know that Kanye is known to "act a fool wit it" from time to time, I’m not sure I can believe this story. After all, the source is the New York Post, which was ranked the “least-credible major news outlet in New York.”

Click here to read why. As my friend always says, when someone tells you something that seems suspect, ALWAYS "consider the source!"

Mainstream media at times reminds me of high school, cause when you’re in, they all love you, but when you’re out all they want to do is try to find stories to print that will essentially keep you OUT…THE GAME!

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