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We spotted some absolutely adorable flicks of Diddy, Ginuwine and Solé, Faith Evans, Kevin Hart and Manny's (Keyshia Cole's manager) kids over at  Black Celebrity Kids.

3 year-old Chance Combs (how friggin' cute is this child?) is the daughter of mogul Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and his ex-girlfriend Sarah Chapmam. 

3 year-old twins D'Lila and Jessie Combs are the daughters of  mogul Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter and the SISTERS of Chance Combs (Kim you need to grow the PHUCK UP and let your children meet their sister instead of acting like she doesn't exist WENCH!).
This handsome little fellow is 2  ½ year-old Ryder Russaw, R&B singer Faith Evans 4th child (the 2nd with her current husband, recorder producer Todd Russaw). *Apologies for the grainey pictures*

This cutiepie is 4 year-old Hevean Lee Hart. She is the daughter of comedienne Kevin Hart.

Just look at that precious face! Too cute for words.
This cute litte fellow is the comedienne's 2 year-old son Hendrix Hart.

R&B singer Ginuwine's 16 year-old son, Elgin Jr. is pictured here with his adorable sisters (l-r) 8 year-old Story and 6 year-old Dream. Story and Dream are the daughters of former rapper Solé and Ginuwine.
14 yeard old Cypress and 17 year-old De'jan our Solé's daughters from a previous relationship.

This future stunner is Manny's 17 year-old (according to BCK that's her age but she looks a lot younger than that) daughter Iyana.

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