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So the other night A&E Intervention featured former City High member Robby Pardlo (*hint* the thick one with the Duke kit texturizer) because of his alcohol addiction.

If you Chicks and Dicks remember in late 1999 early 2000, the New Jersey based group, rose to prominence with their single “What Would You Do.” The single was first featured on the soundtrack to the movie Life starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence and then was re-released as the group’s debut single two years later.

The group soon released the follow up smash single “Carmel”; their album was certified gold by the RIAA and the group was even nominated for a Grammy. However the good times would not last long for Robby. 

Robby and his family members discussed during the episode of Intervention how his life and career took a nose dive after his then girlfriend and band mate Claudette Ortiz dumped him and started dating fellow City High member Ryan Toby (he appeared in Sister Act 2 as the character "Ahmal" with Lauryn Hill). Shortly after the breakup the group disbanded.

Robby began abusing alcohol and his situation spiraled so out of control that he almost missed the birth of his daughter Lyric because he was at the bar getting drunk.

Wow! It’s crazy how Robby allowed his breakup with Claudette to affect his life so negatively. I myself know how devastating it can be when a relationship ends that you’ve invested so much time and energy into. It’s hard to move on sometimes, but trust me, it may sound cliché, but everything REALLY does have happen for a reason.

With that said, Toby and Ortiz later married and have two children together. Toby went on to be a very successful writer. He has written songs for artists such as: Will Smith, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Monica and many more. Most notably he wrote "Susperstar," "Caught Up," and "Follow Me" off of Usher's 9x plaintinum album Confession.

However, Ortiz reportedly also had a third child with someone other than her husband Toby. See Robby I told you that things have a way of working themselves out!

To watch Robby's full Intervention episode click here.

Check out City High’s “What Would You Do” video below.

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