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Prior to Michael Jackson untimely death in June 2009, he recorded a song titled “Another Day” with rocker Lenny Kravitz. Parts of the song leaked recently and Kravitz who also served as the producer on the track, released a video statement via his twitter page to address the leak.
"It was one of the most amazing musical experiences that I've ever had," says Lenny, who points out that he did not leak the shortened, unmixed track. "It was done by two people who had respect for each other and who love music. That was it.

"I'd like to see this thing get straightened out as soon as possible," he continues, "because I'd like for you, the fans -- people who love Michael -- to be able to hear the track in its entirety the way it was meant to be, the way Michael and I had intended it to be."

Man, I swear-fo-god the internet is a gift and a curse. Sometimes I really feel for these artists whose tracks leak before it is ready for mass consumption. Then I remember how much dough some of these artists make and the feeling fades faster than a mug!

On one hand it can actually be a good thing (e.g. Lil Wayne release of The Carter III) but many times it can really harm the artist's project (e.g. 50 Cent believes that his “Before I Self Destruct” album leaking a month before its release was a major factor in his low album sales and not that fact he is a wanksta and don’t “nobody wanna hear that weak shit no more.”).

I hope the record label releases the final version of the song, but if they don’t I’m sure I’ll hear the song through other means…I’m just bullshitin’ mane…NOT!

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