Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne

Rihanna and her new boo, Matt "feelin' on her boootayyyy" Kemp of the Los Angeles Dogers were spotted dry humping funin' in the sun in Mexico yesterday (January 4, 2010).

Chicks and Dicks, please peep Kemp palming Rih's a$$; Kemp crouched in between her legs; and other forms of PDAs that SCREAM...WE SEXIN'!!!

I'm not even mad at you Rihanna! 2009 started off BEYOND wack for you (Chris Brown Ike Turnin' you...#noshade), so it's only right you start the new year off with a BANG...literally and figuratively!

Um, um, um! Kemp is like Wu Tang Clan...he "aint't nuthin' to phuck wit!" That boy FIONE!

Sidebar: Is it just me or has Rihanna been upstaging Chris like a mug as of late (album sales; swag; and being spotted bun'd up with flyer and more reputable rebound jumpoffs.)

CB has been looking REAL BASIC (shoutout to Lil Duval) as of late...come harder CB! 


  1. DDDDDAAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUMMMMMMMM CBreezy u done F'Up that money pimpin. she got a dime peice felling on that ass. Rude boy boy want u gimme that. YYEESSS RiRi. she young and deserved to be happy and care free, but look bitch dont get prego. Let that love flow man. be happy have fun. Matt just a rebound anyway, he making her feel good for right now. Please believe me Cbreezy goin try and upstage u. mark my work its pap pics will b out next week TRUST.
    RiRi Fan all day and night.
    Yeah Yeah Yeah lol

  2. Flashdance:

    These pics seem real staged!!!! yep...i'm going there! i don't believe this relationship! both her and breezy tryna prove to the world theyve moved...NOT buying it!