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George Michael, the popular host of Washington, DC's Sports Machine (Channel 4 WRC-DC/NBC) died yesterday (Decemember 23, 2009) at age 70.

Washington Post: “George Michael, 70, a high-rated and hyperanimated Washington sportscaster whose extensive use of game highlights from across the country on his nationally syndicated show has now become the norm in the industry, died Thursday at Sibley Memorial Hospital. He had chronic lymphocytic leukemia.”
As a kid, I remember my family only owning one TV and my brother and I would always fight to the death over the remote. He wanted to watch George Michael’s Sport Machine (keep in mind this was before ESPN existed) and I wanted to watch anything but that.

I was about 15 when I was forced to watch another episode of Sport Machine, when suddenly………………… a young, cute, pre-tat-tat-tat-up pre-cornrow Allen Iverson's (Georgetown vs. Who Cares)  game was being featured on the show. Needless to say, I was officially hooked on him the show.

I began to actually enjoy watching George because of his charisma. Even Steve Wonder could see that George really loved his job and he wanted the audience at home to enjoy his show just as much as he did.

Losing someone you love is always hard, but especially when you lose that person so close to the holidays. We here at The Chick Fix, send our prayers out to George Michael’s family and friends.

To read more about George Michael's amazing impact on the sportscasting industry, click here.

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