Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!!!

This is the first year The Chick Fix is celebrating Christmas with you Chicks and Dicks. So to commemorate this special occasion, we’re giving you your Christmas gift early.

*Roxxanne Roxxanne excitedly gestures for you to open your present*

I know this video of Thunderstorm Hurricane Chris performing “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)” is sooooo old, but it truly is the gift (unadulterated foolishness) that keeps on giving.

So many questions, so little time…some things I observed.

1. Who does that foot belong to rocking the “Kinny’s Shoes” pumps tapping to the beat (look in the right corner of the video).

2. Why is Thunderstorm Hurricane Chris at the Louisiana State Legislature podium swangin’ his hair full of beads left to right, face greasier than a mug, cheesing like a lunatic rapping:

“Bowmp badda dump bump bump bump!!!!!
She fine den a b*tch, ass and her t*ts
Thick in tha hips, every nig want her
Now what I just said girl do it on tha d*ck
Age ain't sh*t"
In order for a nig like me to spend cash
You gotta bounce like shocks in your ass…”

Awe, doesn’t he just make you want to run out and get your tubes tide?

3. Who is the woman rocking the powder blue Easter Sunday suit special? *(A Chick Fix investigative reporter later revealed the woman’s identity as none other than Louisiana State Representative Barbara Norton aka Thunderstorm’s godmother…that’s how that lil booger got in there!).*

The Chick Fix Girls would like to wish you Chicks and Dicks Happy Holidaysdon’t get nuffin on ya!

In related news, Hurricane Chris, released his *side eye* long awaited sophomore LP, "Unleashed" earlier this week under Polo Grounds Music/J Records.

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