Friday, December 18, 2009


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Halle was spotted around L.A. carrying around what's look to be a Christmas present. I know a least 2 people that gift is not for *coughs* Eric Benet and David Justice.

Michelle Obama was spotted dropping off gifts for Toys for Tots. Chelly is always smiling, shidddd, I would to if Barack was...I keep forgetting she could easily get me murk for talking got it Chel!

Sarah Jessica Parker was snapped entering Morandi restaurant in NYC. She's smiling hard as sh*t...I want to laugh too, what's so funny? I love this woman!

Rihanna was spotted this past Wednesday (12/16) in London and then again on Thursday (12/17) in France looking fierce-a-licious as always. Is that my Michael Kors (in my dreams of course) black fur trooper you're wearing? Her newspaper-inspired pants is giving me circa '96-'99 I hit up Signature in Georgetown (DC) and got my Dior pants for the Backyard show at the Blackhole tonight. 

Shakira was spotted in Miami with her longtime boo Antonio de la Rua. Rua's father is former Argentina President Fernando de la Rúa and I heard they got that guap!

Tyra was snapped donning Larry King's famous suspenders while taping a Christmas themed episode for her show *snickers* too easy. Love the hair!

Lucy Liu with my girl Drew...Cameron D...Charlie's Angeles!!! Sorry I couldn't resist was snapped on the red carpet for the Museum of Chinese 30th Anniversary Gala in New York City.

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  1. RR,

    Did you say "Murk" lmao i cant.