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According to BET.com, the entire cast of the former CW's "The Game," will be reunited on The Monique Show this Friday, Nov. 11, 2009.
Cast members Coby Bell (Ding Dong), Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, Pooch Hall, Tia Mowry (Med School) and Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tash Mack) .”

The Game” hit TV in 2006 on the CW network. The series premiered featuring Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry), a med student who is thrust into the world of professional football when her boyfriend Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) becomes a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabres. The series follows Melanie as she struggles with the ups and downs of having a “famous” other half and a new group of friends – the other players’ wives.

The Game” continues to rock the ratings as one of the highest syndicated shows to air on BET. Despite being cancelled by the CW, fans still continue to show love and support for this incredible show.

Don’t miss a minute! Tune in Friday, November 13 at 10 PM/9C for “The Mo’Nique Show: ‘The Game’ Cast Reunion” to see what your favorite cast members have been up to.
The cast of "The Game" will likely be on Monique's show to announce they are moving to the BET Network (they finally got something right).

YES!!! As Miss Sophie so eloquently said, "...I know'd there is a God. I know'd there is a God..."

Now if we can work on getting some kind of decent Girlfriends finale, all will be right in the world!

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