Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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According to BET.com, the entire cast of the former CW's "The Game," will be reunited on The Monique Show this Friday, Nov. 11, 2009.
Cast members Coby Bell (Ding Dong), Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, Pooch Hall, Tia Mowry (Med School) and Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tash Mack) .”

The Game” hit TV in 2006 on the CW network. The series premiered featuring Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry), a med student who is thrust into the world of professional football when her boyfriend Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) becomes a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabres. The series follows Melanie as she struggles with the ups and downs of having a “famous” other half and a new group of friends – the other players’ wives.

The Game” continues to rock the ratings as one of the highest syndicated shows to air on BET. Despite being cancelled by the CW, fans still continue to show love and support for this incredible show.

Don’t miss a minute! Tune in Friday, November 13 at 10 PM/9C for “The Mo’Nique Show: ‘The Game’ Cast Reunion” to see what your favorite cast members have been up to.
The cast of "The Game" will likely be on Monique's show to announce they are moving to the BET Network (they finally got something right).

YES!!! As Miss Sophie so eloquently said, "...I know'd there is a God. I know'd there is a God..."

Now if we can work on getting some kind of decent Girlfriends finale, all will be right in the world!

Friday, November 6, 2009


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In this 2nd snippet of Rihanna's interview with Diane Sawyer (which airs tonight on ABC's 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. ET), Rihanna goes further into detail about the domestic violence incident that occurred between her and Chris Brown this past February.

Rih-Rih, explains how their relationship blossomed from being best friends to quickly becoming a couple.

Rihanna says they're relationship was so intense that they became "OBSESSED" with it, which is never a good thing when two people are as young as Rihanna and Chris.

You couple that with one (or both-- Sawyer eludes to Rihanna possibly opening up tonight for the first time about growing up in an abusive home) of the parties in the relationship coming from an abusive home life; then you add the constant spotlight; each party involved being the object of not only their millions of fan's affections, but also their peers; you throw in a little jealously (in the coming days after the February 2009 incident, many speculated that the incident was triggered when Rihanna saw a series of text messages between Chris and an up and coming Canadian R&B star); and you have all the makings for an incident like the one that occurred this past February.

When Diane asked Rihanna how she feels about Chris today, Rihanna says, "I love and care about him. I'm concerned about him. I want him to do well. I want him to grow up."

I know I mentioned this in a previous related post, but I have to STRESS how IMPRESSED I am with Rihanna speaking so candid and HEARTFELT about the situation.

I think that was one of the biggest problems people had with Chris' interview with Larry King. Many spectators commented that Chris' interview was pointless because he never really addressed the REAL issues during his interview. They basically said that he didn’t tell the public anything that they didn’t already know.

I really feel for this girl, I mean like she is a family member or something. She seems to be as Diane noted, extremely, "STRONG." All I will say is (lol, like I haven’t written a phucking dissertation above...what can I say…yall know I'm long winded like that!), "THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

Being the nosey little Chick that I am, I’ll be dissecting her entire interview tonight...from her body language to the movement in her eyes...aint nothing getting past me in that interview!


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According to Jay-Z's official facebook page, Mr. Z as THICK WANKSTA aka Rush Limbaugh so affectionately referred to him, will kick off his North American tour in the hometown of Ms. Toni "I specialize in results" Childs (dag I miss Girlfriends), Fresno California!  

I see Jay will ACTUALLY be stopping in D.C. this time around.

 *mimicking Jerome from Martin* POLOGIES TO YOU B-More readers...but I'm still a little salty about that one. How do you  do a show in Baltimore and NOT in D.C...that's BLASPHEMY (I kid)...but you get my point.

Oh and I'm O-SO-SICED that the show is far enough in advance that not only may I be able to afford some tickets...but I might be able to even splurge on some good seats! Let the church sing, "JESUSSSSSS is Lord, he won't let you down." LOL!


Previously announced dates:

Nov 07 Fresno, CA Fresno State University/Save Mart Center

Nov 08 Los Angeles UCLA/Pauley Pavilion

Nov 10 Austin, TX University of Texas at Austin/Frank Erwin Center

Nov 12 Champaign, IL University of Illinois/Assembly Hall

Newly announced dates:

Feb 22 Houston, TX Toyota Center

Feb 23 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center

Feb 25 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena

Feb 27 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena

Feb 28 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Mar 03 Washington, DC Verizon Center

Mar 07 Norfolk, VA Scope Arena

Mar 11 Boston, MA TD Garden

Mar 16 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena

Mar 19 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center

Mar 20 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse

Mar 22 Denver, CO Pepsi Center

Mar 24 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion

Mar 26 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center