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According to AOL Black Voices, rapper/producer Wyclef Jean is planning on attending college to pursue a bachelor's degree in music.
Grammy winner Wyclef Jean is going to college to further his education.
"I am enrolling in Berklee College in Boston to get my bachelor's degree in music! That's how important education is to me. I plan to work with Rev. Al Sharpton because that's how important stressing the importance of education to children is to me," the musician announced during the Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, DC on Saturday.
The former member of the hip-hop collective The Fugees was presented the George Collins Award for Community Service for his work as a Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti.
"I'm also not running for president of Haiti," Jean emphasized during his speech, before adding: "Though I wish my uncle would."
Jean was honored during the CBC Phoenix Awards alongside Ambassador Susan R. Rice (Charles C. Diggs Award), The Honorable Calvin Smyre (CBCF Chair's Award), actor Danny Glover (CBC Chair's Award), the late Honorable Edward M. Kennedy (George Thomas "Mickey" Leland Award) and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph (CBCF Chair's Award).
The 36-year-old singer/songwriter/producer also recalled attending a CBC Phoenix Awards several years ago and meeting a then unknown man that was a huge fan of his CD, 'The Carnival.'
"This tall man walked by and told his wife, 'Michelle, tell him what I have in the car.' She said, 'He has 'The Carnival' in the car and won't stop playing it!' That man is now our President Barack Obama," he shared.
Jean is slated to release his next solo offering, 'Music Theory' later this year.
I'm REALLY proud of you Wyclef! I love it EVEN more when people with dat GUAP value education so much, that they further their education because they want to better themselves.

There are a lot of folks I can think of in the entertainment industry that need to follow in Wyclef's foot steps on a smaller scale an get that middle school and high school dipolma STAT!

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