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Comedienne Chris Rock has a new documentary called Good Hair coming out this Friday Oct. 9 in select cities and nationwide on Oct. 23. The documentary has Rock traveling to salons across the globe from New York to India to investigate African-American women's struggle to maintain "good hair."

Rock was prompted to do the documentary when one of his young daughters began ranting and raving how her white friend had "good hair" and she inquired why she didn't have "good hair."

Rock was also on The Oprah Winfrey show last week to discuss the documentary, and he was joined by R&B singer Solange Knowles, who garned buzz this summer when she shaved all her hair off.

Check out the Good Hair movie premier pics below

Nia is STUNNING...I'm mean...*walking away from my computer* I can't!
Raven and Nia
Raven is such a beautiful girl. She looks like she slimming down as well...I ain't mad boo!
Gabrielle Union
Now Tamela, you know you're too cute for your hair to be looking like this at a movie premier---about African-American women's hair no less...GET IT TOGEVA STAT BOO!
Now see Aunti Loretta you can't be showing out like this either with your hair...some curls need to be bumped up in your dome or something. You still cute though with you're pretty smile!
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Golden Brooks (she just gave birth not too long ago...looking good boo!)
Jill Marie Jones
Melyssa Ford and Elise Neal
Claudia Jordan
Angell Conwell
Check out the Good Hair movie trailer below...the one girl had me DECEASED when she said she was addicted to the "creamy crack," referring to relaxers.

First, let me start off by saying that Nia Long is: (1) ABSOPHUCKINGLUTELY beautiful; (2) always impeccably dressed (she's in my top five style icons...sleep if you want to); and (3) chooses her acting roles wisely.

I LOVED her interview with Chesley cause you know how Chesley has the tendency to try and get slick out the mouth (love Chesley but you got to watch her a$$, cause she's quick with it). Oh, well Ms. Long was not having any of that and I LOVE IT!

Check out Chris Rock and Raven promoting Good Hair with their interview on Entertainment Tonight

Video courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

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