Friday, October 30, 2009


Now I took my precious time transcribing the lyrics (literally lost sleep…me tired!), so if you re-post these lyrics please credit the source…which would be MOI!
This aint no diss record, this a real record
How it feel to get exposed, don’t you feel naked
I was the fly on the wall

The sh*t I witness
I could say shit that make B look at you different
And my gangster was never on trial, but I was,
Stood up tall, no snitching
But the rapper Shawn called the police on me,
Cause I was front row at the Blue Print 3
I just wanted to see him MC
And reminisce when we was the R-O-C
But he called the C-O-Ps (*mimicking Gucci mane* WELL DAMN!)

Not only that he brought in the F-E-Ds (Dag Jay, say it ain’t so!)
So that’s telling me F- U-Si
So F-U too
And F Bleek three
Beanie's ranting after the song goes a little something like this...
See I think I held my tongue long enough… about this whole Roca-a-fella situation…I brought the street cred to that…I fought all them battles me…that’s who…Jadakiss, Nas, Dipset…

This ain’t about a dollar or me hating on you cuz…cause I never asked you for a dollar

When I came home from jail doing my year and a day and you ain’t never come ONE DAY (Beans seems to be pretty hot about this particular occurrence...his voice is cracking and it's giving me just a hint of tears forming in the upper corner of Beans eyes) to see me… not one picture day…a letter

You even asked me did I want some money and I told you I don’t want your money…but you was in a position to make me get my own money…

How Tupac say…”I ain’t mad at cha.”

And don’t get it phucked up, this aint a green light for everybody to start making a diss Jay-Z record..Nah I still got love for a n****…I got a knot in my chest that need to get unloosened…when you got love for motherphucker it don’t go away that easy…many people going to walk in and out of your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart dawg but I think yours is fading in the sand…”
Listen to Beanie's "Average Cat" Diss to Jay-Z HERE!

Dag Jay, what happened to ...If every nigga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged. Nobody would fall cause everyone would be each others crutches..."

Incidents like what the Broad Street Bully is alleging in this song regarding Jay is one of the primary reasons why I could NEVER be a Jay-Z stan because there have been FAR TOO MANY claims of disloyalty against Jay-Z by people some may call disgruntle ex-employees and who others feel were loyal soldiers in Jay's army.

Is it just me or does Jay just seems to have a long history/pattern of literally being “on to the next one” when it comes to person(s) who either help him get put on (Jaz-O, DeHaven, Dame/Biggs and Foxy, just to name a few) or to person(s) in his Roc-a-fella camp who helped defend the "Roc" when everybody and they grandmamma was firing shots at the Roc (Peedi Crack, Tru-Life, Amil, and NOW… Beanie Siegel).

You know what they say, where there is smoke…

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