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Below are some excerpts that I found over at E Online, of Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) fame, commenting on last Thursday's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) .

OK, Kim and Kandi are getting along like a house on fire. If you want a unique example of someone who had a reason to go on a reality show, the arrows point to Kandi. This will undoubtedly spark her career. She has talent which in her business is a dime a dozen. Proving it on the show gives her a leg up. Bravo, smart girl.
Even when Bethenny is giving someone a compliment, she has to throw
a dig in there. I'll give you my assessment of Bethenny at the end of this posts.
The NeNe and Kandi argument seems juvenile and really brings NeNe to the basement. Kandi CAN sing and she is everyone's favorite, so NeNe needs to pull it together.
I have to agree with the part about NeNe behaving OH SO badly two episodes ago. I mean NeNe (is STILL my favorite RHOA) is by far the reason most people watch the show, however she is starting to let that fact go to her head.

NeNe boo, on the really real though, you do not need to be CC'd and intimately involved in any and everything garnering buzz or praise on the RHOA-- e.g. Kim's "Tardy for Party"song does not need you attached to it for it to be successful. I was REALLY annoyed that NeNe would think something like that, let alone have the AUDACITY to say it to Kim no less.

As my grandmother you to say, "you getting too big for your britches" --figuratively and literally NeNe (you getting jah swolely eatin' good in the neighborhood fo'real).

To top it off, it seemed in the episode two Thursdays ago, that NeNe was trying to be SO menacing to Kim, when she made the aforementioned comment. She was towering over Kim and in her face trying to intimidate her like she was going to punch her or something...GET IT TOGEVA LENITHA BONITA SMITH (yes, I'm calling you by your government)!
NeNe's line about Kim being a low-down monkey with a wig on might be the funniest thing I've ever heard.
Ditto Bethenny...I was DECEASED when NeNe made that comment!
Regarding Sheree and Dwight's meeting, he was definitely trying to swing his thing around to try to appear to have vision and power. Skirting at a fashion show? Gross. That's more for a bar mitzvah or corporate speaking engagement. I also agreed with Sheree about a clean ponytail. He was coming from a place of "no" to seem important. He's hoping for more airtime and to blame problems on Sheree later on.
I would have to agree with Bethenny there as well to a certain extent. I'm sorry, but just because you: (1) are gay; (2) own a hair salon; and (3) consider yourself fabolous (a small minority may consider you too), does not make you a FASHIONISTA or qualified to give EXPERT advice on the details surrounding organizing a REPUTTABLE fashion (I had to put rebuttable in there because, make shift fashion shows go on everyday in a neighborhood near you. I have attended a Simon Cowell/Dwight would say ..."HOW DREADFUL!").

It's official: Kim can't sing. Is anything worse than someone being stupid and thinking they're smart? Perhaps someone who can't sing who thinks they can? What was fantastic is how positive Kandi and her team were. Very nice. Big points. She built Kim up and bottom line—she can produce a record that will sell. It is catchy and I wish them luck.
I was DECEASED when Kim started singing...I nearly wet myself and that's no bullsh*ttin'. Then Kim had the nerve to excitedly say something like, see I can sing I was just nervous last season with Dallas. Is you (Yes, this calls for a "Is you") serious boo? Cut the jokes STAT!
I love that song "I Fly Above" and it is so perfect within this show. Lots of haters. Here, there and everywhere. As she said, "Let your haters be motivators."
Um, actually Bethenny, Katt Williams started that whole shtick with "making your haters, your motivators," but I wouldn't expect you of all people to know that, so you get a pass this go around.

Is anything greater than Kim getting into a Phantom Rolls-Royce that costs three times what her house does? Priceless. Not like those candy apple breasteses. Those have a price in or popping out of that dress. If she is 29, then I'm a virgin. I need a closeup of the ring. Anyone got any details? Shape? Size? She really must be able to suck the chrome off a tailpipe. Although looking at his picture, I might prefer the car part.
LOL! Bethenny, b*tch (used as a term of endearment in this case), I'm DECEASED at your comment.

I often think the same thing when I'm watching the show and I'm looking at all the things Big Poppa has laced (her kids are in private school, he bought her the condo, Escalade, Bentley, most of expensive jewerly, and he maintains Kim's whole extravagant lifestyle, cause Chick don't have nare job) that SYNTHETIC-HAIR, VARICOSE VEIN-BOOBS ROCKIN', TROLLOP with.

But I have to hand it to Kim, if you going to be a doctor, lawyer, athletic, or in Kim's case a sleeping-with-married-men-skank, you better be the BEST at it and get paid for your expertise.
How the hell could Kim not come to Kandi's gig? How? How? How? That was brutal. I hope Kandi makes money on that album because she's not getting paid in friendship or loyalty. There better be a good excuse. Maybe her stripper bruises from her spill are acting up again. Not cool.
Kandi maybe many things but STUPID, she is NOT! I think her goal in joining the RHOA was to get more exposure and/or to remind the industry of her writing and producing skills. Put it this way, her being the author of the work (Tardy for the Party), everytime they play "Tardy for the Party" on Bravo (not to mention that song is getting played on pop stations...I heard the song the other day while I was in my car, and was grooving like a mug *singing* "don't be tardy for the party, ohhhh ohhhh, don't be tardy for the party."), heck even when they play the snippet, Kandi gets PAID.

Kim seems to latch or to whomever she thinks can do something for her at that present time and/or to replace NeNe's friendship when they are having one of their tiffs.

My Assessment of Bethenny

Now before I say anything, let me preface it by saying that I actually REALLY like Bethenny. Her and Jill Zarin are my favorites of the RHONY. With that said, Bethenny comes off as someone who often times likes to make people the butt of her jokes. She's always clowning someone, whether it be on her show (RHONY) or some other reality star. However, her clowning always comes off as borderline malicious.

I've also noticed that Bethenny can dish it BUT CAN'T take it when someone is clowning her (or she perceives that someone is). For instance, last season when Bethenny told the Countess (Luann) that she was going to be featured in some Hampton's magazine, Luann INNOCENTLY asked whether they were going to retouch Bethenny's pictures.

Well Miss Bethenny got ALL bent out of shape. I mean to the point that sometime after Luann made the comment, she had lunch with Jill Zarin (Yes, I have to say her whole name together or it just doesn't sound right LOL!), and was SO UPSET about the comment.

I was REALLY shocked that Bethenny was so upset about the comment seeing as though: (1) it did not appear that Luann had any malicious intent behind her comment regarding retouching; and (2) Bethenny CONSTANTLY clowns the casts of RHONY on the show.

Bethenny appears to be someone scarred behind her relationship with her father and/or her issues with her mother. As a result, Bethenny not only clowns people to make herself FEEL BETTER about her SITUATION (whatever it maybe at the time...cause the broad has issues), but she also does not PLAY FAIR because she can dish it, BUT CAN'T TAKE IT...and that to me is so WIGGITY WIGGITY WACK!

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