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According to MTV News, 50 Cent held a ThisIs50Music Festival this past Saturday (Oct. 4) night on Governors Island (a longtime military base in New York Harbor that is gradually being transformed into a public park). He brought out some of his favorite artists to perform at the Festival.

Performers at the Festival included: the Lox (D-Block), Wale, Kid Cudi, D-Block, Maino, the Diplomats, G-Unit, Papoose, Slaughterhouse, Red Café, Cory Gunz, and newcomer Trav.

I'm glad to hear that 50 did something positive by organizing the Festival, and also that there were some great hip-hop artists featured and no acts of violence occurred and/or was reported.

The media (and FOX News...cause let's be honest are they even considered a news channel anymore. They have loss credibility with the race-baiting/right-wing agenda they promote) is NEVER around to report on positive aspects of hip-hop just that negative sh*t!

Sidebar: In the video below 50 is introducing some of the artist feature at the Festival to MTV reporter Shaheem Reid. In the beginning of the video 50 calls Jadakiss, and what I peep and thought was funny was when 50 has his arms wrapped around Jada's shoulders like someone with a school-girl crush, Jada kind of does that move you do when you want someone to get off of you. You move away on the sly and/or act like you're stretching you arms to get them off of you...LOL! You ain't slick ain't slick!

Another thing I noticed sometime ago was, remember when 50 got all pissy at Jada for being on and featured in the video for Ja Rule's song "New York"? It always appeared to me that 50 REALLY liked The Lox (like he wanted to hang out with them and sh*t), and his ego was bruised and that's why he started beefing with them like he was in 5th grade and The Lox decided to play in Ja Rule's sandbox instead of his.

If I'm not mistaken The Lox had a relationship (be it personal or professional) with Ja Rule WAY before they knew 50. That's why I never understood why 50 was acting like Jada was suppose to turn down money and the exposure of being apart of "New York" song and video when Jada owed 50 NATHAN!

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