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This past Wednesday, the VH1 Hip Hop Honors took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. Actor/comedienne Tracy Morgan hosted the ceremony for the third consecutive time.

This year's Hip Hop Honors as we previously mentioned celebrated Def Jam’s 25th anniversary and focused on the label’s founders, Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin.

The show also highlighted some of the influential people behind Def-Jam’s legacy such as: Lyor Cohen (aka lil BIG sexy), Kevin Liles (B-more’s finest), Julie GreenwaldAntonio “L.A.” Reid, and Jay-Z.

Check out some flicks below:

Foxyboogie...the execution of your outfit almost worked but those hideous I-don't-work-at-MAC-but-I-should-cause-I-got-a-trunk-full-of-their stuff eyelashes and your necklace is doin' da most and therefore the whole outfit = FAIL! Love the makeup sans the lashes.
Ashanti-boo...we're not convinced. I actually like you girl, but you're always a day late and a dollar short with your fits. Your outfit just reeks of trying too hard and two seasons too late with the edgy trend (even if you are wearing this seasons black laced up Louis Vuitton boots).
Chrisette hun...this outfit is not the business! It's too busy and the clothes literally swallow your frame. I think you should have worn the outfit you wore to the after party (picture is coming) on the red carpet.
E-V-E your outfit is just ok (nothing too crazy and very safe). However, what I'm not feeling is your hair. Sorry!
Free...girl now you know we use to be thick as thieves (in my head of course) when you and AJ hosted BET's 106 & Park. I'm not sure where to start regarding your ENTIRE look. You're too cute for this...get it TOGEVA ASAP!!! By the way, is it me or does Free look like a grown up version of Kendu's (MJB's husband/manager) daughter Briana (, who earlier this year ROCKED her then boyfriend, rapper Charles Hamilton's jaw when he freestyled about her having an abortion.
I use to have the BIGGEST crush on Dark Man X (DMX) from the time his first song with Faith Evans came out until I learned he on was on dem thangs...and hold up, hold up, this is NOT your wife Tashera...ohhhh I'm telling!
Fabolous...LOVE the sweatshirt!
Public's at the point that if Flav looked normal then people would start worrying...*yelling* Flava-Flav!!! Sorry I couldn't resist.
Chris Rizzy (Rock) was in the building. I don't know why, but no matter how many diverse characters Chris plays, he will always be Pookie from New Jack City to me.
Eric Sermon...wonder if we'll ever know the truth about that jumping out of the window incident.
Ludacris has been looking good ever since he cut those braids off...I see you baby!
Ghostface...*singing* "all that I got is youuuuu, babe, and I'm so grateful we made it through..." That is/was my jam!
Uncle Russell (Simmons)...question: How is it you wear sneakers and street gear to every major event including your wedding to Kimora Lee, but tonight for the first time since I've been living you got on a suit?
The Roots...their so deep both figuratively and literally and I LOVE IT!
Trey Songs is such a cutie, but I'm completely turned all the way OFF by him ever since I read that Honey magazine article where he talked about his sex life. Now every time I see him he just comes off as sleazy-mcsleaze. I don't think any self respecting woman finds a man who has slept with sooooo many women and dishes about it, appealing...just my thoughts man...just what I was feeling at the time...Jay-Z).
D.C.'s own WALE (that's my name don't forget, it's not a game, hold your dame, cause my thang something vicious)!
M-E-T-HOD Man! Excuse me Meth, but exactly who are you throwing up the middle finger to? I'm mean seriously this was an award show red carpet, were there ((c) Fat Joe) on the red carpet? TAKE SEAT STAT!!!
Kid Rock
Tracy Morgan...boy now you know you wrong on so MANY levels...still love you though..."pick up the pieces...gotta pick up the pieces..."

Kevin Liles(B-More's finest)...every time I see him I can't help but think of when Dame screamed on/punked him on the Backstage documentary movie. I think the thing that most disturbed me was that Kevin was in some sense of the word Dame's boss at the time.

Check back in an hour and half or so and I'll have some performance flicks from the show...and they won't disappoint...(EIGHT WORDS...Officer Ross looking like a THICK 80's WANKSTA) have to go run an errand...I do have thangs (yes I said thangs) to do besides the blog...smooches!

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