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In the October issue of Upscale magazine, Mrs. Usher Raymond, Tameka Raymond (the divorce is NOT finalized yet) discusses how bloggers were JOSE’IN (Editor’s note: Here at The Chick Fix, J.O.S.E.IN’ (Jealous Ones Still Envy—Fat Joe ©) is our term for hating…get familiar!) on her because she wasn’t all “lightskinneded” and didn’t have that “I got Indian in my family” hair.
Raymond says, "I understand where all the negativity comes from…[u]nfortunately I think that some black women are — subconsciously — not in love with the image they see in the mirror. Therefore in turn they do not love someone like me. I look too much like them."
Raymond adds that she may have been better accepted if she looked more "exotic." "I was not given a fair shot," she explained. People passed judgment without getting to know me. How can you get the entire concept of who I am from a blog?"
Regarding her recently finalized divorce from R&B star Usher Raymond, Tameka says, "[t]he dissolution of marriage is always upsetting…you have the expectation that it will work. But, you know what? It didn't work. But [Usher's] a great guy. I will always love him."

The former couple own a styling company called Swanky Image Group and have two sons, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond, together.
Flashdance and I actually had the pleasure of meeting the former couple in better times not too long ago, and to be perfectly honest with you, not only were they down to earth (Usher had released his album, Here I Stand, several months before we met them so, he wasn’t faking to drum up publicity like he sometimes does when his album is about to drop) but they REALLY seemed happy to be in each other’s presence.
I’m obviously not privy to what brought on the demise of their short-lived marriage, but if Usher left Tameka because of what everybody else thought…he WASN’T the man for you anyway Mekaboo!

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