Monday, September 21, 2009


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne

According to Eurweb, Serena Williams has landed an endorsement with Tampax.

An outburst at the U.S. Open last week hasn't stopped Procter & Gamble's from believing in Serena Williams' ability to sell product

The company has inked an endorsement deal with the tennis star for its Tampax brand, according to Print ads feature the athlete beating Mother Nature in a game of tennis and hit newsstands last week, primarily in teen titles like Teen Vogue.

Tampax will also begin airing videos with Williams on its Web site. The videos, which are part of a series, depict Williams in various predicaments with Mother Nature. The tennis star, however, is “unstoppable and prepared, like our Tampax girl,” said Courtney Schuster, associate brand manager for Tampax. "[Williams] doesn’t let Mother Nature get the best of her."

The endorsement deal comes despite the incident at last week's U.S. Open, when the star shouted a series of profanities at a line coach and was disqualified. Williams has since apologized for her behavior, though she maintains she won’t change who she is despite her actions.

Experts predicted no sports sponsorship dangers for Williams, and advertisers Kraft and Nike have publicly stated their support
I'm not even mad at you a wise (ghetto) prophet once stated..."make the money...dont let it make you!" LOL!

Congrats Serena, you more than deserve it! Btw: I peeped the tape of your game at the U.S. Open and as the infamous former Mayor Barry would say... "that b*tch set you up!" LOL! Now let a playa hold something.


  1. I love her too !! But yall know this looks nothing like Serena ! Child they went PHOTOSHOPPING

  2. Call me bias, but I think this looks very much like her...besides every celeb and not-so-celeb is photoshopped to DEATH in their spreads.