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According to MTV News, Raekwon may be considering signing with Sean "Puff Daddy/Puff/P.Diddy/Diddy/Sean John/
Poppa Diddy Pop" Combs.

When Raekwon was asked if the rumor was true, he stated
"I heard that too. We did a show at the Palladium [years back], and Puff had security with him that was from Staten Island. When we got back to Staten Island, we bump into the kid, and he told us while he was up there performing, Puff said, 'I need them two. What I gotta do?' He was excited about working with us [and] signing us too. I don't know why it ain't happen, either. You never know. Maybe he may want to do that now. I'm independent, baby. So let's get it right. Let's cut them checks, Puff. We know what time it is!
Like 3 Stacks (Andre 3000) said in UGK's International Player’s Anthem,“Don't do it! Reconsider! Read some liter-ature on the subject…”

Come on Raekwon the Chef (yes, I’m calling you by your full mc government), you know by the time Diddy is done, you might be working at Walmart.

I never thought I would be agreeing with thick wanksta a$$ Suge Knight, but he was right when he once proclaimed on stage at the 1995 Source Awards when taking obvious shots at Puff always interjecting himself into his Bad Boy artist projects (literally and figuratively), “the executive producer singing on the records, dancing ALL up in the videos…

On second thought, I doubt Puff will try to screw Rae, cause Rae would probably rock Puff’s jaw to the white meat (ask Joe Budden) if he even contemplated it.

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