Thursday, September 17, 2009


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According to Allhiphop Rumors,

You know, I have grown to like Amber Rose. Right? She’s doing her thing. No hate. But, I always liked Kanye’s fiancée. In fact, I wish she was my fiancée if she never dated Yeezy. LOL…so…the point is…I heard they recently hooked up. Recently, they sat down for lunch or something. Nobody really know what was said, but something was said. Some have speculated that ‘Ye is looking for some stabilizing force in his life and Alexis may be it. He’s moms would approve! No shots!
If this is true, Kanye must have been reading your rant Flashdance. LOL!

My sister was talking about the Kanye-VMAs situation the other night, and she made an interesting point. She said it appeared that Kanye was more on the not so popular side in high school, and ever since his car accident and the passing of his beloved mother, he's trying to live his life to the fullest (aka not giving a phuck about what people say and just doing what he feels). This can be a GREAT and a BAD thing in my opinion.

My sister went on to say, that Amber Rose is appears to be a show piece and she is probably the type of girl Kanye always wanted to date back in the day and NOW he finally can. I agree with my sister to a certain extent , but I also believe that maybe Amber Rose just allows Ye to be Ye. She appears to be very confortable in her own skin--literally and figuratively. This can be a good and sometimes a bad thing. On one hand, I believe you need to surround yourself with people who love you "just as you are (shoutout to Bridget Jones, love that movie)." On the other hand, those same people also need to be able to pull you to the side and let you know when you are behaving badly.

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