Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne
According to, rapper Nicki Minaj inked a deal with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment on August 31, 2009.
“To say I'm excited would be an understatement. It's validation. It's proof. It's empowerment. I represent every little girl in a hood near you,” To everyone that supported me two years ago when I was on underground mixtapes and DVDs and to the people that only caught on two weeks ago, I say thank you. Be proud of yourself. You've given girls all around the world the permission to change the face of female rap.”
Label head Lil Wayne also expressed his excitement for his newest signee. "I am honored to have Nicki Minaj as Young Money's First Lady. She is a star," he said.
Nicki Minaj is currently touring alongside Lil Wayne and others on the America’s Most Wanted tour. Her debut album is expected to be released in 2010 through Universal Motown.
Lil Wayne’s Young Money roster has made headlines this summer with the addition of rapper/singer Drake in June and rap vet Bow Wow in July, as well as the departure of Omarion (that Negro got dropped faster than Chris Stokes’ booty at a down low party) *singing* the ClipseHOT D*MN…IT’S A NEW DAY!

Congrats to Nicki…but why are media outlets acting like there was ever doubt she would sign to Young Moola.
I haven’t checked out her Beam Me Up Scotty mix-tape yet…but all the chicks that routinely engage in hoe sh*t (© Fresh) seems to love dem some Nicki Minaj…I wont hold it against you though girl.
Speaking of female MCs… I’m still waiting for Lauyrn Hill, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve to drop new albums.


  1. Such a phuckin copycat...bitin the ole Lil Kim at least Lil kim pic was classy wit it...that pic sucks they say lollipops are for suckasssssss...

  2. You know Miss Chevious, I would have to agree with you.

    I been reading and watching some of her interviews and music and I can't get into her either.

    Her voice is nasally like she's trying hard to sound cutish and barbie-like. The content of he music is blah...and I just can't honestly get excited about her work.