Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Posted by: Flashdance/Roxxanne Roxxanne

Whitney Houston's  is back with another new video off of her No. 1 selling album I Look To You. The music video is for the song  Million Dollar Bill, which was produced by singer/songwriter/composer Alicia Keys and her rumored producer boyfriend Swizz Beats.

F: I really LOVE this song...makes me want to get in my drop top convertible (Flashdance, why are you faking?? You mean Honda Accord.).

R: Whitney looks stunning in this video, and I absolutely adore the silver spaghetti strap dress she is wearing.

I'm looking forward to her releasing a video to one of the slower cuts on her cd, so she can showcase her world-renowned pipes.

R: Sidebar: You had a sistah-girl in tears when you told Oprah how stroke-lip Bobby spit in your face in front of your daughter, Bobby-Kristina after you  threw him that extravagant birthday in Atlanta. What an UNGRATEFUL, HATEFUL, BASEHEAD!

If you guys recall that was the same party that Bobby was rumored to have swung on a young and ecstatic Usher on stage for no reason (Whitney said in the interview with Oprah that stroke-lip was drunk off that drank that night), while he told the audience how stroke-lip was his idol growing up, and how Usher patterned his moves and style after the stroke-lip basehead.

Usher probably never looked at the old stroke-lip basehead the same way after that incident. Basehead was probably just' on Usher because he realized that even at Usher's early stage in his career he had already surpassed all of basehead achievements.


  1. i love whitney!!!! i am so glad she is back...i missed the interview can you tell me where i can find it online?

  2. Flashdance:

    You can find the interview RIGHT HERE!! Post coming up....check back!