Thursday, September 17, 2009


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Rap's newest star Drake,  recently conducted an interview with D.C.’s WPGC 95.5 radio personality/former BET’s Rap City host, Big Tigger. Drake discussed with Tigger how he is recuperating from his recent surgery.
"It was a very, very successful surgery. That's something that I'm thankful for. I can't do much, I literally just lay in the bed all day but that's sort of a blessing to me at the same time. We just built the dummy studio in the back room...The storm is brewing. [laughs] The ominous clouds are starting to form. It's about to be a problem. I don't know [an exact release date], I'm hoping February. That'll be a nice release date, release month. It's gonna follow the same formula as the mixtape. It's gonna be a step up. That's my goal. It's gonna be very dark and sexy and all the things I like to embody in my music. You're gonna hear me rapping about my life."

 Last Tuesday, September 8, Drake jokingly tweeted on his official Twitter page about his upcoming surgery.
"Me and @drakesknee are headed to the surgery room... I love you all...b*tch I'm goin innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...Alive, Well, and enjoying the Perks...pun intended...Nurse...Bring me my pills and some of that goody, some ginger ale with ice, and dim the lights...HOV is live at the Garden. "

Drake is also putting the finishing touches on his debut album Thank Me Later, which is slated to be in stores later this year under Universal Republic/Young Money/Cash Money.

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