Friday, September 25, 2009


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Below are more red carpet, performance, and after party flicks from VH1's Hip Hop Honors, which took place this past Wednesday. The show will air on October 13, 2009 at 9 pm ET.

Warren G...another one I use to have a crush on.
Fredro Starr...he played the same character on Moesha, Light Up, The Wire, Clockers, Save the Last Dance , etc "... I mean I can go on, and on, but a song can only be so long (© Lil Kim)..."
See guys, this look was wayyyy cuter Setteboo!
Sticky Fingaz...that eye... it always gave me nightmares...Sorry 2004Ruben Studdard)!
Ja Rule (& Ashanti)!!!! I'm sorry you can't tell me his CDs didn't crank before 50 Cent dissed him for singing on every song only for him to start singing on every song.
I can't and I won't are killing me softly Ashanti...*mimicking Whitney singing on Being Bobby Brown on Bravo..."Im not doing this.....toddayyy!"
As promised...Officer Ross (Boss) was giving thick 80's wanksta with his performance gear. I see what you was trying to do, but NOT with that FRAME... no you won't...LOL!

Trey Songz
Eminem...why did you tamper with your face? It's noticeable hun!
Tracey Morgan...boy stop!
Wale, KRS One (da nose), Travis from Gym Class Heroes (ummm...more on him later). Love you to death Wale but that sweatshirt is looking jah young champ!
"...I'M NOT A NICE PERSON..." from DMX's What's My Name lyrics is what I picture him rapping during his performance.

  1. Foxy can't have you're cha-chas out like that...come on now...memba last time that happened? Sidebar: I was on yesterday reading how rapper Maino was calling Foxy a "washed up b*tch," in reference to a sex tape that leaked earlier this week with what appears to be Foxy  giving a man fellatio. I like you Maino, but you can't talk about her being a hasbeen when you are a neverwasbeen. I'm sorry but I have to "stop the track...and state fact Beyonce)." Foxy has a couple of platinum and gold plaque, hit singles, she's credited for jump starting Jay-Z's career with the hit Ain't No, and at one time she had such lucrative endorsements with Calvin Klein (she had billboards in Time Square, NYC with her and model Kate Moss wearing their Calvin's)...all you've contributed thus far Maino is Hi Hater!

Mary J. Blige and Method Man. Ok MJB is literally dropping down and getting her eagle on...LOL!

Travie does it for me! I really don't have a type...but I know what I like...and me likes him....that thang is sexy, you hear me!

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