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Some parents didn’t take their EX LAX this morning and have their panties in bunch and REFUSE to let President ObamaBE GREAT.

The President plans to speak to students at Wakefield Field High School in Arlington, Virginia, this Tuesday, September 8. The purpose of the President’s speech is to URGE KIDS TO WORK HARD, but J.O.E.S.ERS say that the White House is trying to indoctrinate their children.

According to the New York Times,

HOUSTON — President Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to public school students on Tuesday has set off a revolt among conservative parents, who have accused the president of trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas and are asking school officials to excuse the children from listening

The uproar over the speech, in which Mr. Obama intends to urge students to work hard and stay in school, has been particularly acute in Texas, where several major school districts, under pressure from parents, have laid plans to let children opt out of lending the president an ear.

Some parents said they were concerned because the speech had not been screened for political content. Nor, they said, had it been reviewed by the State Board of Education and local school boards, which, under state law, must approve the curriculum.

"The thing that concerned me most about it was it seemed like a direct channel from the president of the United States into the classroom, to my child,” said Brett Curtiss, an engineer from Pearland, Tex., who said he would keep his three children home [CLASSIC J.O.S.E.R BEHAVIOR]... "I don’t want our schools turned over to some socialist movement."

The White House has said the speech will emphasize the importance of education and hard work in school, both to the individual and to the nation. The message is not partisan, nor compulsory, officials said.

"This isn’t a policy speech," said Sandra Abrevaya, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education. “It’s designed to encourage kids to stay in school. The choice on whether to show the speech to students is entirely in the hands of each school. This is absolutely voluntary."
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Some people insist on being on their daily J.O.S.E grind…SMH

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