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Yesterday (September 25, 2009), MC/mogul Jay-Z was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Below is the complete Oprah/Jay-Z  interview.

By the way, I think Jay gave a superb interview. He seemed a little nervous in the beginning, but what I admire most about the way he conducted himself on the show was that he didn't compromise his belief (when discussing the reason he uses the N-word)-- i.e. didn't sellout. I thought he "kept it 100" as Flashdance likes to say, and he's exhibited to other rappers that you don't have to be corny or wack to be on Oprah.

PART 1: Jay-Z's rise to fame.

PART 2: Jay-Z explains why he and Beyonce do not publicly discuss their relationship and his thoughts on the use of the N-word.

PART 3: Jay-Z discusses what advice he gave to Rihanna after the Chris Brown assault.


PART 4: Jay-Z teaches Oprah how to spit on the mic.

I nearly wet myself when Jay said to Oprah, "[y]ou don’t need the hand…just keep it smooth…get your swag" in regards to Oprah making this real corny hand gesture while trying to rap...LOL!

Was it me or does it seem like Rihanna and Chris Brown are still dealing with each other from the way Jay explained how he gave Rihanna advice on the situation and it seemed like he implied that she didn't take heed to his advice...I'm just saying.

In related news, for the second week in a row Jay-Z's The Blue Print 3 hold the number 1 spot on the Billboard top 200 album charts. To date Jay-Z has sold an estimated 774,000 copies with just two weeks in stores.

Jay's appearance on Oprah will more than likely keep him at number one on next week's Billboard top 200 album charts as well.

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