Monday, September 14, 2009


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Janet's MJ Tribute (I was in tears when she looked up at him in heaven after her performance). Sidebar: I'm so happy Janet reunited with her close friend/long-time Janet dance choreographer, Tina Landon. I see you Laurie Ann and Cris Judd!

Lady Gaga performed Paparazzi...Blood smeared face though? Who are we kidding...we live for that!!!...anything else from Gaga would be uncivilized.

Beyonce performed Single Ladies and shut sh*t down!!! I worked myself into a mild seizure poppin' and droppin' to her performance.

Pink performed Sober wearing a pink heart pastie (was that her ode to Lil Kim?). Who else can have their vocals on point while swinging from the ceiling. Love her! She is so kick a$$ (did you guys peep her boo Carey in the audience supporting her)!

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed Empire State of Mind...what else can I say...NEW YORK was definitely in the building! Sidebar: sans Lil Man Man acting like the bamma-troll-bow wow-in-a-pic 'n pay wig that she is by bum rushing the was a GOOD LOOK 'N HOOD LOOK (we mean that in a good way)!

Taylor Swift bravely performed You Belong With Me moments after being interrupted by Kanye West (Sidebar: Have you noticed that ever since his mother's unfortunate and untimely passing, Kanye's been acting out more and more) accepting the VMA for Best Female Video. Although, I agree that Lady Gaga or Beyonce deserved the award rather than Taylor...there are more appropriate ways to voice your displeasure Ye...TAKE A SEAT!!!

Wale and UCB represented for D.C. (DMV, I'm actually from D.C. and not the surrounding MD or VA I DETEST this term) at the VMAs.

Muse performs their smash hit Uprising. Sidebar: Was it me or did the guitar break on the chorus sound eerily similar to Blondies' mega hit Call Me?

Green Day performed their new single East Jesus Nowhere. Sidebar: Why is Billie Joel Armstrong pushing 40 and still has the looks of a teenager? Everytime I see him, I just want to pinch his cute little chubby cheeks with his midgety arm self (I kid, I kid!!!).

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