Friday, September 18, 2009


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Chris Brown was spotted shirtless while performing his community service in Richmond, Virginia this past Thursday. Shirtless though Chris??? You know that's all for Rhi-Rhi. I know there  is a method to your madness. You probably figure since the judge will not allow you to have any contact or communication with Rihanna for 5 years, you'll just keep getting photographed all bare chesteded (or shall I say bird chesteded) to give Rhi-Rhi a glimpse of what's she's missing...LOL! You ain't slick Chris!

Brown wrote on his new website,, “Stop and think back to the last time you accepted responsibility for something. Undertaking responsibility for each one of your actions is a difficult task but by admitting your mistakes you are taking your life to a higher level of accountability.”

Brown also posted pictures of two t-shirts that read “Stop Teen Violence” and “No Violence — Break The Cycle."

Check out the shirtless pictures and video of Chris performing community service BELOW.

Pictures courtesy of Just Jared.
Video courtesy of MTV

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