Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Kanye West apologize for the FOURTH time for his rude and inappropriate behavior toward country singer Taylor Swift, for taking the mic out of Swift's hand while she was giving her acceptance speech for Best Female Video during Sunday night's VMAs.

Kanye's apology was fitting, seeing as his first three apologies to Swift, did not involve him actually speaking personally to Swift.
According to,

Earlier in the day, Swift appeared on The View and said that while she would accept a face-to-face apology from the rapper [Kanye West], "[h]e has not personally reached out or anything," she said, "but if he wanted to say hi..."

After Taylor Swift's Tuesday appearance on The View, the country singer received a telephone call from rapper Kanye West, who apologized for his behavior Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards.
"Kanye did call me, and he was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology," Swift told ABC News Radio.

She added that she believes there won't be any conflict in the future.

Ok, already people! Now that Kanye has personally apologized to the person he disrespected, Taylor, can we STOP acting like he spit in one of our child's faces. I'm personally tired of reporting on it, but I know the readers want to know.

I also don't want to appear as though I'm playing favorites, so I going to stop posting about the Lil Mama and Jay-Z VMAs incident. After all, "we all go hard like junkyard, leaving bammas scarred" every once in a while (maybe not to the magnitude of Lil Mama). So she get's a pass from us--now her escaping the inevitable Ty-Ty macing is out of our hands. LOL!

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