Monday, September 14, 2009


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Editor's Note: Apparently when lil man man bum rushed the stage during Jay-Z and AKeys performance, Jay remarked to lil man man, "[y]ou gonna T-Pain me?" LOL!

Lil Man Man was off her meds and decided she would go hard-like junkyard-leaving-bammas-scarred and bum rush Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' closing performance of "Empire State of Mind."

If you watch the video below she comes from the left side of the stage and then tries to mean-mug-diddy-bop Jay-Z into a corner...CLOWN STOP IT!!!

Jay-Z means mugs her back while trying not to let on to the audience that this is not apart of the performance.

Then Jay-Z bumps her lil bamma a$$ (somebody should have smacked the dog sh*t out of her bum a$$) while continuing his performance.

Jay-Z and AKeys then pose in their respective b-boy/b-girl stance at the end of the show...lil man man still being the thirsty bamma troll that she is...tries to walk up next to Jay-Z and AKeys and pose in her b-boy (let's face it... this b*tch is bow wow dressed in drag) like she's a part of the performance...CLOWN STOP IT!!!

Then lil man man sees that the performance is coming to a close so she hops her lame a$$ off the stage just before Jay-Z and AKeys exit the stage.

I hope Jay-Z's man Ty-Ty got her like he did Kels at MSG during the Best of Both World Tour...and MACED her!!!

Lil man man...YOU WERE SO DISRESPECTFUL TONIGHT...go play in traffic for that tranny-clown-bamma-eager-beaver stunt you pulled tonight!

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