Friday, September 4, 2009


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Earlier this week, former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’Day caught flack over comments she made while appearing on Fox News’, “The Sean Hannity Show.”

Many people were offended by reports that O’Day remarked, that she believed that Hitler and Castro were geniuses.

O’Day cleared up remarks on her blog. She explained,

Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there – they just use their brain power for evil purposes. I don’t condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower…and in my opinion you can’t have a low IQ and wreak that much havoc on the world. What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable… And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again. Ultimately, an individual’s IQ is, sadly, not always indicative of a strong moral compass, and should not be confused for the purity of their heart and mind. My responses on “Hannity” reflect that distinction.

As I indicated on-air, Fidel Castro has outlived many US presidents. More specifically, Castro has, unfortunately, lorded over a communist state just 92 miles from the US for the better part of five decades to the significant detriment of the Cuban people. The actions of his tyrannical regime, however, are unquestionably evil and repulsive, and as I repeatedly stated, I could never condone such gut-wrenching behavior. Sean Hannity offered a narrow question directed at Castro’s intellectual acumen, and the scope of my response was similarly narrow.

Hmm…I know that some media outlets often times will take snippets of what appears to be a controversial comment a celebrity has made and release it to the masses for shock value.

After viewing Aubrey’s appearance on “The Sean Hannity Show,” all I can say is, as a basehead once loudly shouted to me (yeah I bringing the term back like it’s ’92 and I’m Doughboy serving on Crenshaw) when I tripped while walking across the street…"YOUNG BROAD…YOU GOT’S TO BE MORE CAREFUL!!!"

Come on Aubrey, you went on a Fox News show and you’re an apparent lefty.

You should have been prepared to be:

1) constantly spit on by right-wing commentators as they LOUDLY, PURPOSELY, and OBNXIOUSLY talk over you during the course of the entire show while they misconstrue anything leftist-leaning you say;

2) have the commentators mis-pronounce anything urban;

3) linked you to a rapper they have previously J.O.S.E’D on, on their show (e.g. Moderator: Today we have on our show Aubrey O’Day, former Bad Boy recording artist…It should be noted that Sean Comb, a gangster-rapper who was charged with bribery and weapon possession in connection with a New York Club shooting, is the founder and owner of the label)

Smarten up Aubrey!

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