Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(l-r: Anthony Dickey, Russell Simmons, Kara Youngs, Nas, and Kelis)
(Estelle and Kelis)                
(Kelis and Erica Reid (Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman, LA Reid's wife)

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Yesterday Russell Simmons tweeted on his official twitter page, “[s]o happy made me dizzy I'm @ ex supermodel kara youngs charity event and see nas, kelis and baby ;-)dd


I proudly admit that I’m a Nas Stan! I personally think (who am I to Nas and Kelis you ask? No one! Why would they care what I personally think about their marriage? They probably don’t give two sh*ts, but I’m going to speak on it…cause I do this son!), that they both could have use better discretion with regard to their personal information becoming blogger and tabloid fotter.

However, I hope Nas and Kelis are willing to give their marriage another shot. I was pleasantly surprise to read when Kelis’ verified divorce compliant first surfaced on the net, not only that the general consensus with people was that they didn’t want to see the couple divorce, but also people REALLY like them as a couple.

I really think they compliment each other. I like Kelis because she is such a trendsetter and a number of artist be jockin’ Kelis’ fresh from her hair, to her fits, to her sound circa ‘99, ‘01, ’03, ’06 (artist like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, heck even Teyanna Taylor (I use the term artist very loosely when referring to her…sorry hun, hate to break it to you, but no one is checking for you boo, let alone googling you. Come on Pharrell, why create a clone when you can just continue making music with the original). I also think most times, that Kelis is really good for Nas.

I love you crazy kids, so work it out. Let’s be honest, who would you rather ride this bumpy wave called marriage with, if not with each other? Besides, baby Knight is officially in the building.

PS Kelis is looking great post-baby Knight! I love a woman that lives by the motto: Can't let the ones still envy (c)-- The Chick Fix girls term for haters) catch me slipping."

Touche Kelis, Touche!

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