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The 4th Annual BET Hip Hop Awards will be airing on October 27th at 8 p.m. ET. This year’s Award show will be hosted by comedienne Mike Epps (I guess BET and Katt Williams business relationship is really kaput after last year’s disagreement). Below is a listing of this year’s categories and nominees.

Best Hip-Hop Collabo
Jim Jones & Ron Browz f/ Juelz Santana - Pop Champagne
Lil Wayne f/ Bobby Valentino - Mrs. Officer
Rick Ross f/ John Legend - Magnificent
T.I. f/ Rihanna - Live Your Life (Um, try again BET that single was last year)
Young Jeezy f/ Kanye West - Put On (ditto BET)

Best Live Performer
Busta Rhymes (Busta hands down, but what song did he have out his year? Oh, yeah that "Respect My Conglomerate"...pass!)
Lil Wayne
Kanye West

Lyricist of the Year
Lil Wayne
Kanye West

Video Director of the Year
Gil Green
Anthony Mandler
Mr. Boomtown
Chris Robinson
Hype Williams

Producer of the Year
Ron Browz
Cool & Dre
Tha Bizness
Kanye West
Dag, BET y'all straight carried Swizzy and The Dream.

Track of the Year
Day "N" Nite - Kid Cudi
D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune) - Jay-Z
Every Girl - Young Money
(Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Mills, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine)
Live Your Life - T.I. f/ Rihanna
Turn My Swag On - Soulja Boy Tell'em
It's definitely between Young Money's Every Girl and I can't even front Soulja Boy Tell'em's Turn My Swag On.

CD of the Year
Eminem - Relapse
Q-Tip - The Renaissance
T.I. - Paper Trail (I would have to give it to T.I.)
Kanye West - 808 & Heartbreak
Young Jeezy - The Recession

Rookie of the Year
Drake (I have to go with Drake. He didn't even have a record deal or an album (mix-tape don't count) and he was all over the radio this summer...that's virtually unheard of in the industry)
Kid Cudi
Wale (As much as I want to represent for my DC/Nigerian peeps, I haven't heard any new music from him that I really like. Now his old song Dug It, I absolutely love ("...Wale, that's name don't forget, I'm from D.C....shake it, shake goin' move girl.")!

Best Hip-Hop Video
Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job
Eminem - We Made You
Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune)
Kid Cudi - Day "N" Nite
T.I. f/ Rihanna - Live Your Life
I personally wasn't impressed with any of these videos, but if I had to choose one it would probably be D.O.A. I expected sooooo much more from T.I./Rihanna's video because the song cranks so hard!

MVP of the Year
Lil Wayne (He's been the most consistent this year. Jay's album just came out so he shouldn't be included in this category).
Kanye West

DJ of the Year
DJ Drama
DJ Khaled
DJ Tony Neal
DJ Greg Street
I haven't really been checking for DJ's since DJ Jazzy Jeff...LOL!

Hustler of the Year
Lil Wayne
Kanye West
This category isn't fair. It's obviously between Jay and Diddy. These two make money in their sleep. Every time I turn around one of them is announcing a new business deal.

Made-You-Look Award (Best Hip-Hop Style)
Kid Cudi
Lil Wayne
Soulja Boy Tell'em
Kanye West
I honestly don't think anyone in this category dresses all that (Sorry Kanye, don't come to my house trying to scream on me,  cause I'm not Taylor and HANDS WILL BE LAYED ON YOU! LOL!). The best dressed guy in Hip-Hop--as far as trendsetting and not following is Pharrell and Nas (the boy got mad style...and I'm not just saying this because I'm a recognize game, or shall I say style).

Best Hip-Hop Blog Site
All Hip Hop
Nah Right
This Is 50
World Star Hip Hop
It's a tie between All Hip Hop and Nah Right.

People's Champ (Viewers Choice)
Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job
Fabolous f/ The-Dream - Throw It In The Bag
Kid Cudi - Day "N" Nite
Soulja Boy Tell'em - Turn My Swag On (The kiddies love him and have time to vote and sh*t.)
Kanye West f/ Young Jeezy - Amazing

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