Monday, August 24, 2009

Whitney Houston...Where's The Single?

Posted by: Roxxane Roxxanne
Ok I don't know about you guys but I'M SOOO EXCITED about Whitney Houston's new album!!! The album is titled "I Look To You" and it will be in stores on August 31, 2009, so please go pick up at least one copy.
I'm a 80's baby so I love all things purple and grew up adoring Whitney.
I'm so proud that she has transitioned from : Whittey Hutton (Martin reference) = crooked wig rockin', breakin' out randomly in song sangin' (e.g. "I'm not doing this todayyyyy."), bobbayyy screamin', voice screechin' mess back to Whitney Houston = effortlessly stylish lookin', beautifully sangin', respectively behavin', classic album makin' DIVA!
The only thing I'm a little confused about is Whitney's first official single. Is it "Million Dollar Bill"?
If so, the record company needs to work on getting her some visibility on the radio and on t.v. (e.g. an official music video). I have yet to hear the single on the radio (this is assuming "Million Dollar Bill" is the first single) nor any mention of an upcoming music video.
Don't mess this up Arista!
Love you aunti Whitney.

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