Monday, August 24, 2009


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I have been mulling over creating this post for a while. On one hand I feel like who am I to tell these young woman to "Take A Seat (e.g. this singin' thing aint going to happen for you boo)." On the other hand, I feel like they don't have any REAL friends and I need to let them know what many consumers are know...THE TRUTH!
You know how you see someone looking all types of wrong on a consistent basis and you say to yourself..."they don't have any [REAL] friends" because a REAL friends would not let you walk out the house looking a mess.
That's how I feel about Cassie (especially), Tierra Marie (I was FORCED to include you...I didn't want to), ChrisMili and Amerie's recording careers.
It's like no matter how:
(1) fierce they look in their photo shoots;
(2) catchy their latest single maybe (I personally rocked Cassie's Official Girl to, love, love that song);
(3) multi-talented they are (ChrisMili & Amerie have both done a decent job with acting and ChrisMili if I'm not mistaken has written for JLO); or
(4) some of their names (usually intentionally) are synonymous with publicity stunts gone wrong
I just want to be the REAL friend to them that they so desperately need and gently tap them on the shoulder and tell them................................................................

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